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Fresh Work

  • http://www.airmalta.com/40/

    Air Malta launched a new microsite in celebration of its 40th Anniversary. The site explores all the major highlights that Air Malta achieved over the last 40 years and it features a video, custom made infographics and fun facts.

  • http://www.atex.com.ly/

    ATEX, just launched its new website to ensure the best quality of visualisations to display its amazing work and to deliver the very best to its clients and followers. ICON placed focus on quality images, font types, colours and function.

  • https://www.laferla.com.mt/

    With an amazing design, colour scheme and marvellous fonts the Laferla Insurance site was recently launched by ICON for the sole purpose to communicate the company's services, offers, marketing strategies and most of all the dedication to it's work for all it's clients.

  • http://takeoff.org.mt/

    ICON has recently developed the TAKEOFF website from scratch and even it's branding. It's modern layout and design makes it elegant and at the same time user friendly to show TAKEOFF's aims and services along side their high quality work.

  • http://vrsmalta.com/

    ICON have just launched a brand new website for Virtual Reality Studios . The clean, modern and user friendly site effectively presents the company’s services and displays a portfolio of their high-quality projects.

  • http://www.palazzoparisio.com/

    ICON have rebranded Palazzo Parisio's website to give it fresh and elegant look. The website with its stunning images, stylish typography and modern design reflect the grandeur and charm of the beautiful venue whilst showcase all that the magnificent palace has to offer.

  • http://m.vfgmalta.com/

    ICON and VFgroup have launched a free web application enabling users to build their own custom outfits, send their orders to the store for collection and view the entire range of clothing available in VF Groups’ various stores.

  • http://www.ihiplc.com/

    International Hotel Investments plc. (IHI) have launched a new user friendly site, built and designed by ICON with stunning visuals and responsive design to ensure that the website works on any platform or device.

  • http://www.frankzampa.com/

    Frank Zampa Jewellery, a prestigious brand renowned for quality and fine craftsmanship has launched a lavish new website, built and designed by ICON to showcase its finest products and compliment its brand values.

  • http://fortytwocs.com/

    The brand new website effectively represents the company’s vision, strategy and values. Aimed at promoting Fortytwo Group’s latest business venture in Malta, the site outlines the various services that the professional team offers.

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