Integrated technology services

ICON will help you harness the power of Internet technologies. We build custom software and manage digital marketing campaigns that drive revenue.


We build and manage scalable software solutions
Our software team delivers web, mobile and bespoke software solutions to challenging client requirements.


We deliver measurable online marketing success
Our digital marketing team delivers services which range from SEO to PPC and produce measurable growth.

Case Studies

Published Research

ICON is committed to researching key ingredients that affect our digital ecosystem. We regularly publish papers which offer compelling and practical insights for organisations to unleash their potential in the sphere of digital business.
Malta Elections Social Scoreboard (2017)

Welcome to ICON and Minely’s Social Activity Scoreboard. During the Election Period in 2017, we carried out a detailed analysis on social media campaigns carried out by the major parties in the run-up to the June 3rd elections. Combining Minely’s big data and visualisation skills with ICON’s deep understanding of the social media space, we’ll be providing you with a unique perspective on the Maltese elections in 2017.

Consumers’ Use of Social Media in Malta (2016)
Social Media Marketing in Malta (2014)
Visual Online Marketing (2012)


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