ICON is an award-winning technology company. We provide software development services and integrated digital marketing solutions to the European market. We work across several digital channels and combine rational business thinking with creativity and deep technical know-how.


We offer services that help our clients thrive.

With over a decade and a half of experience, ICON is a leader in the field of complex cloud computing and has won multiple business accolades in recognition of its work. ICON is a Microsoft Partner, has a Google-Certified team and is an iOS and Android Licensed development firm. It’s digital marketing executives are accredited from Distilled University. We provide results-oriented technology and transform complex business strategies into simple and accessible web encounters.

Our approach is driven by our passion to deliver excellence. This is achieved through a dedicated team of technologists and marketers who are steeped in business and technical skill and operate within an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance framework. It’s no surprise that time and time again, clients have described our work as: remarkable, clever, fresh.


ICON’s clients come from a broad range of industries and include global blue-chip companies and international organisations for which it delivers a spate of services from project management to development, consultancy to 24/7 support, digital marketing to complex custom integration as well as mobile solutions.

We seek to collaborate with forward-thinking partners to achieve business objectives through strategy, process simplification and technology.

ICON operates from Malta, an island in Europe. Malta is part of the European Union and joined the Eurozone in 2008. It’s an idyllic place to work in with low rates of unemployment, low inflation rate and a positive ‘can-do’ business approach. It is home to main successful start-up and mature technology companies.

“Partners like ICON are an asset for Microsoft in this era of massive digital transformation, and we look forward to working closer with you and your team.”

Mr. Panayiotis Ioannou, Country Manager, Microsoft Malta

“It is a pleasure to work with companies of high calibre such as ICON; you are a great asset to Microsoft.”

Ms. Rima Hatoum, Microsoft Partner Program Manager

“ICON is as a testimony to Malta’s potential in the ICT sector. Its evolution over these past years reflect the growth of this sector on a national level. ICON should serve as a model for our young generation of entrepreneurs.”

The Hon. Dr. L. Gonzi, Former Prime Minister of Malta