ICON is more than just a business. It’s a company with genuine heart and soul.

We believe that it’s our responsibility as citizens of the world to serve and support our community. Our approach to being both corporately and socially responsible starts with reducing our environmental footprint as much as possible. But it doesn’t stop there! We nurture graduates through our internship programme and develop new leaders by creating motivating working conditions that attract and promote diversity and equal opportunity at the workplace. We propose innovative products and services aimed at creating a better life for the community around us and contribute to a deeper intellectual understanding of our industry by publishing annual research papers which are made freely available online and which have helped countless businesses to grow and thrive. ICON sponsors charitable initiatives, not merely through monetary donations, but through our most precious resource: focused time.


Social Impact Awards - Victim Support Malta

As a proud sponsor of the Social Impact Awards, ICON welcomed the opportunity to support the local community by providing a substantial donation of €10,000 worth of digital marketing services to a worthy cause. ICON, with Victim Support Malta will support its winning initiative: ‘Project Watch Out’, organised by the Inspirasia Foundation and the Gasan Foundation.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Improving energy efficiency should be a central and ongoing process within a company – not only as a means of avoiding unnecessary expenses, but also to raise awareness and reducing the impact we have on our environment. By implementing a culture of awareness and motivation as well as a strategy and policy, ICON encourages energy saving methods whether it be for the use of electricity, water and printed materials.

Contribute Water

Contribute Water is a local Maltese company dedicated to helping people get access to clean water and proper sanitation in Africa. For every bottle purchased, part of the revenue goes to the charity Pump Aid. ICON order water for all the staff, guests and visitors on a monthly basis. Discover more about Contribute Water.

Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malta

Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti (Maltese Heritage Foundation) was set up in January 1992 by a small group of individuals who were passionate about the islands’ cultural heritage, and concerned about its welfare. ICON is very proud to be a corporate patron for FPM and was delighted to offer a website and continuous hosting free of charge.

Palazzo Falson

In 2001 Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti (Maltese Heritage Foundation) entered into a management agreement with the Gollcher Foundation and proceeded to restore the Palazzo Falson and all its contents to its former glory. ICON, as a corporate patron, offered to develop a website and maintain hosting at no cost.