We are a fast-moving technology company. Our work is well rooted in the values we cherish and practice.


The interaction of people with our work is the starting point of all our strategic and technical output. This is the very essence of what we do. We see technology as a way of serving people within our community and not the other way round.

Idea driven

The solution to business challenges lies in the reinvention of process and methods. Meaningful change is always driven by powerful ideas and technology is an excellent vehicle of change. We encourage our team to challenge known paradigms and explore new methods of doing things.


We believe that collaboration across different roles and specialties within ICON better serves our clients. This approach is led by a strong passion for collaboration and discussion which leads to better results. Our method is agile and based on early prototyping and testing to get feedback from all stakeholders: both within ICON and outside of our teams.

Quality Matters

Quality is the result of intelligent effort by each team member at ICON. It is the very essence of our offering as we understand that our clients expect excellence at all times. We employ company-wide ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance mechanisms and each team member follows defined quality standards and metrics.

Good design

Beautiful design is an objective in and of itself. This doesn’t only relate to how our technology and interfaces look but also how they feel and respond to clicks, touch and gesture. We aim to establish a meaningful connection with the people who use our technology by presenting design that is both simple and beautiful.

Competition won't define us

ICON’s business is centered around the understanding that we offer superior value-added technology. While we are aware of our competitors we don’t let them define us. Our competition look at us for inspiration and often reproduce what they believe we build, however we are our greatest competition and we strive – daily – to improve our products and services.

Work-Life balance

Maintaining a creative environment allows us to develop talented professionals. We enjoy the opportunity to work with like-minded, smart people in a safe and healthy environment. ICON doesn’t over-work team members and while there may be times when we need to put in extra time, those cases are few and far between. We value a good work-life balance and believe that it helps us produce better results.


We know that good work takes time. We only release our technology products when they have passed the necessary quality-control standards and have been through peer review scrutiny. We respect the creative and technical process that goes into our work output and seek clients who also value performance and excellence.