Google Ads Trends for 2019

Top Google Ads Trends for 2019

When it comes to strategy, optimization, or testing, 2018 was a demanding year for Google Ads marketers. From the platform’s rebranding to video domination, from the rise of voice search ...

Optimize for Voice Search

Top 5 Ways to Optimize for Voice Search

Typing a query in a search engine is so 2010. Nowadays, users can find information online by conveniently speaking their query out loud to the search engine and getting an answer ...

Set up hreflang tags

How To Set Up Hreflang Tags Correctly

Do you own a website which is available in different languages? Do you wish to give your international visitors a pleasant experience on your website? If so, you should certainly ...

Mobile marketing strategies

6 Underused Mobile Marketing Strategies

It is now universally accepted that tailoring online marketing for mobile users is vital. It’s common practice to use responsive web design, create mobile sites and develop iOS and ...

Healdess CMS thumbnail

Headless CMS Explained

One of the most popular new trends in web-development circles is the Headless CMS. Promising quicker development times and an elegant multi-platform publishing solution, the headless CMS has gotten a ...

Riviera Bay

Moving to Malta Guide

Welcome to ICON’s guide on Moving to Malta! In this guide you’ll find all the information you need to make your transition to a new beginning in Malta ...