5 techniques to help improve your titles in 2017


A good title should capture the reader’s interest and encourage them to read the rest of the content. After all what’s the point of spending hours writing an article or blog if they aren’t even compelled to open it. Explore how to make an appealing title and ensure your content is read time and time again.

A good title should follow what is called the 4 C rule:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compelling
  • Credible

Follow these simple tips to improve engagement.


Relevance is always the first step to bear in mind, you should be what the customer is looking for. But are you using the right keywords? A little keywords research can go a long way in finding the queries that people are searching for. Is the keyword you’re targeting still relevant and up to date or has the trend moved on to a different set of keywords regarding the same topic or interest?




Use of numbers in the title have been proven to spark interest Why? Simple, numbers stand out! It is also implying that you are offering simple and guided steps to help your customer. Users want answers and solutions. That is why they started searching on the internet in the first place. They want those answers now. What better way to help them, then to answer their question as efficiently as possible.


Dates tell the audience that what you are offering is the latest and up to date information. Naturally, a user is more inclined to click on an article with the current year inserted into the title. Just make sure to keep your content fresh and updated to prove credibility.


Questions are a great way to spark customer interest. By initiating some curiosity, you are giving the user an incentive to click and a desire to know more. Make sure to follow through on this promise of knowledge and meet, and exceed the reader’s expectations.



Too short and the title may be too vague and broad to spark interest. Too long and the user will be bombarded with too much information before getting to even read the article. Trying to stuff in every keyword won’t work. The answer is to find the middle ground. Make your title long enough to cover the subject, short enough to keep things interesting.

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