A Look Inside Google’s Digital Workshop For Malta


Google, in collaboration with the eSkills Malta Foundation and the National Skills Council, is assisting Maltese businesses and individuals to boost their digital knowledge and keep up with current marketing trends. Launched on the 24th April, this Digital Workshop for Malta is a sign of Google’s growing presence on the island.

Purpose and aim

The Workshop aims to provide users with the fundamentals of online marketing and what it means to “go digital”. This project will teach existing businesses how to better utilise digital channels and take advantage of all the resources available.

The Workshop

The digital workshop is an online teaching program separated into 23 modules. It begins with the general basics and gradually progresses into more specific topics.  The workshop has a simple and fun design that’s easy to navigate. Once your account is activated,  you can set up a number of goals you want to achieve and a personalised learning plan will be created around them.

Digital Workshop Malta


You start with the mandatory first module which is an overview of what it means to “go digital” and the benefits of doing so. The lessons are presented in short videos of around five minutes. On the right of the video is a brief explanation on what the current lesson is about. The information is short and concise and you’re also presented with useful links to learn more about each topic.

Digital Workshop Malta


Following each lesson, you will be asked a question regarding what you just watched. This is typically in the form of multiple choice. After a series of lessons and questions, you’ll  be assessed on the topic in a final test and, should you pass, you’ll be rewarded with a digital skill badge. This makes the whole learning process feel like a progressive game.

Digital Workshop Malta


You’ll be taken to your own personal dashboard after you complete the initial module. Displayed here is your progress, recommended next module and an overview of all modules available. You can also retake any module should you feel the need to refresh your memory. Finally, after achieving a pass in all modules, you will be presented with the esteemed Digital Workshop Certificate of Online Proficiency.

Digital Workshop Malta


This is a great initiative by Google and will, therefore, prove to be very fruitful for the Maltese market digital presence and capabilities. Its free and simple to use, so why not try Google’s Digital Workshop for yourself?

Due to ICON’s delivery of excellent results and revenue generation for its clients through the use of Google’s products, ICON has been given Google’s stamp of approval and is thus, a Google Partner. Find out more about ICON’s full list of partnerships here.

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