Time to start thinking about Christmas – In Feb 2017?


Is it really time to start thinking about Christmas already? Have you heard about Lottie, the animation library app made (surprisingly) by the travel giants AirBnB and finally what best practices should you implement to ensure your email marketing stays relevant in 2017.

Time to start thinking about Christmas?


Normally ICON’s write its letter to Santa in September. You may think that’s a bit too early, however, ICON knows that great campaigns take time and require significant preparation to be successful. Columnist Dave Davies disagrees. He thinks you should be thinking about Christmas right now. Explore more.

Meet Lottie


In a very surprising announcement, AirBnB, the well known online travel giant have released a new application called Lottie. Available on iOS and Android, Lottie can render After Effects animations in real-time. Doru Ciobanu explains more.

How to Use E-mail in 2017


Ongage has some great tips moving forward with your email marketing tactics. Email still remains one of the most proven methods to drive conversions and results. Are you using email to its full potential? Discover more here.

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