Dear Santa…


Dear Santa

It’s that time of year again here at ICON where we like to get in touch. So Christmas, at the time of writing this, is only 84 days away. (Check how long is left now). It does seem a little too soon to be thinking about wrapping presents, pulling Christmas crackers and stuffing the turkey but it’s certainly the right time to be thinking about your Christmas marketing campaign.

The festive period is the time of year when consumer spending is at its highest. It’s also known to be the biggest, (and hardest) time of year for marketing and advertising. A lot of businesses, brands and companies are all competing for a slice of the pie. (Or should we say Christmas pudding?)

The most successful campaigns require forethought and planning. The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to step up any marketing or promotional activities and to emotionally engage your customers. Consumers are looking to spend, they are just looking for the right opportunity.

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So, what makes a good Christmas campaign? Here are some examples that really impressed us last year.

John Lewis

Nothing spells the coming of Christmas quite like the John Lewis Christmas advert. Last year’s campaign may just be one of our favourites ever. It featured Sam, an adorable little boy, who owns an adorable little penguin called Monty. Sam and Monty do everything together, however Monty is sad every time he sees a happy couple celebrating during the Christmas season. So, on Christmas Day, accompanied by an emotional rendition of Real Love, (grab some tissues now!) Sam gives Monty what he has been dreaming of – a penguin friend to be his companion.


Coca Cola

Is any Christmas campaign list complete without an appearance from the drinks company Coca-Cola? Last year, Coca-Cola ditched the iconic polar bears for their 2014 Christmas commercial and dusted off the classic Sundbolm Santa Claus to front their #MakeSomeoneHappy campaign. Airing in over 60 countries, #MakeSomeoneHappy asked viewers to spread Christmas cheer and do something to bring joy to others over the holidays. As part of the campaign, Coca-Cola provided a list of suggestions to get people spreading happiness, and release limited edition holiday packaging featuring Santa Claus, as well as running their traditional Coca-Cola holiday caravan tour, which every year sees Santa Claus travelling around the United States.

Marks & Spencer 

UK retailer Marks & Spencer held a special place in our hearts last year with their Christmas campaign which used social media to spread wonder and excitement. It all began with the mysterious appearance of @TheTwoFairies on Twitter back in October, promising magic. People began to notice fairies popping up wherever they went, alongside the hashtag #FollowTheFairies.

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