Dear Santa…


Those of you who have been following our blog for a while will know that at this time of year we always write our own letter to Santa. We know the idea of season’s greetings and merry carols seem far away but we want to remind you that you should already be hard at work on your Christmas campaign. The festive period has become a battle ground for marketing, as every business, company, and brand compete to create the most memorable and heart-touching campaign.

A lot of planning goes into creating a successful campaign, taking into consideration currents trends and issues. Yet, with the right formula, a good holiday marketing campaign can dramatically increase sales and drive brand awareness.

With only 100 days left until Christmas (Check how long is left now!), we’ve taken a look at some of last year’s campaigns that stood out and why they were so successful.

John Lewis – A Gift for Everyone

Easily one of the most anticipated adverts every Christmas.  John Lewis’s adverts are famous for invoking tears of empathy. Last year they went for a heartwarming advert that brought smiles and laughter. The message was that in the festive seasons, the brand has a gift for everyone to enjoy, including Buster the dog and various wild animals. The advert didn’t just stop at the TV commercial. A promotional hashtag, #BusterTheBoxer, was created, along with an entire section of the online shop dedicated to Buster and his friends.



Alzheimer’s Research UK – Santa Forgot

A beautiful and touching animated story narrated by Stephen Fry. The video takes a completely different perspective of Father Christmas while highlighting an extremely important cause.



Lidl – Christmas Moments

Storytelling is key, especially in a Christmas campaign. Every company is trying to pull at your heart strings and get you emotionally involved. Lidl certainly achieved this. It tells a simple story of a family get together, with a very special guest of honor. We’re pretty sure you’ll be reaching for a tissue by the end!



Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift

Funny festive, beautifully animated and accompanied by James Corden. The advert tells a complete story and was voted as the people’s favourite ad in the UK over the Christmas period in 2016. Do you agree?



M&S – Christmas with Love from Mrs Clause

M&S decided to focus on someone who doesn’t get much attention at Christmas time. Mark’s and Spencer launch a Christmas campaign with a very modern twist on the much loved Mrs Clause. This one should make you smile for all the right reasons and has the right mix of storytelling, family, and humor.



 Google – Santa Tracker

Of course, you don’t have to rely on video. Google’s Santa Tracker has been around for a couple of years now and each year it has been updated with more and more features. Google successfully combines the spirit of Christmas with technology, simultaneously teaching us about the web and the world, all while keeping the wonder and magic of  Christmas. Visitors can explore the North Pole and see what Santa’s elves are up to and try out various Christmas games. On the day users can join Santa on his trip around the world and learn all sorts of interesting facts.


Successful Christmas Campaigns


Apart from pulling at our heartstrings, these campaigns were successful simply due to planning and foresight. And, now is the time to start planning yours. To find out how ICON can help your business create a successful Christmas campaign, contact us today.