Is this Facebook’s vision of virtual reality?


Discover if ranking for organic keywords matters anymore, explore the new world of social media in virtual reality and check out some great tutorials to help you improve your web design and web development skills.

How important are organic keywords?

Organic Rankings - SEO

High rankings for specific keywords have been the number one goal for a long time. A majority of small businesses and brands alike strive to achieve the first place position within organic listings due to the lucrative traffic and sales opportunities that are generally associated with this position. However, with the evolution of paid advertising and the expansion of universal search, Julian Connors explores whether SEO is still a wise investment. (Spoiler: It is, but not how you think.)

Is this Facebook’s vision of virtual reality?

Facebook has recently announced that Hugo Barra is joining Facebook to lead their virtual reality efforts. Back in October, live on stage at Oculus Connect, Mark Zuckerberg presented a live demonstration. Ever wanted to travel to Mars? How about playing games and watching movies with your friends, even if your miles and miles apart? What about teleporting home to see your family? Discover the environment where you can experience anything. Watch the video now:


Want to improve your web design and development skills?

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Want to improve your skills in web design and web development? Look no further. The team at Debugme have listed 24 great web design and web development channels on YouTube. Check them out here.

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