Google Hotel Ads integrates with Google Ads


Do you own a hotel or an online travel agency and are looking to fill your rooms this holiday season? Then Google’s recent update to their Hotel Ads will be great news! While Google Hotel Ads is set to join the Google Ads platform, a new Hotel Center is also underway, and we are here to keep you up to speed.

Hotel Ads took off in 2010 with sponsored listings in Google Maps and later in Google search results. Since its introduction, it has been a great success. Travellers are able to browse hotels and spot hotel deals on the go, whilst Hotel ads partners are witnessing high volumes of leads and bookings.

However, the fact that Google Hotel Ads was a separate platform from Google Ads was not to everyone’s liking. This was considered rather time-consuming and inefficient.

As a result, to help partners save time and scale up their businesses more efficiently, Hotel Ads has now become part of the Google Ads platform as a new campaign type. In this way, marketers can manage all their different campaigns from a single platform, making campaign management and optimization far simpler.

Google Hotel Ads

Benefits of the new Google Hotel Ads integration

Apart from saving time and increasing efficiency, what else will you benefit from?

  • Hotel Groups: Organise hotels by important features such as brand and class.
  • Robust bidding controls: Optimise for bidding dimensions that are unique to hotels like a traveller’s length of stay or check-in day, as well as for audience bidding.
  • Smart bidding (powered by machine learning): Maximise bookings at your ROI goal.
  • A familiar responsive interface: Access to rich reporting.

What to expect from the new Hotel Center

Google is revamping how marketers optimise and manage hotel price feeds in the new Hotel Center.  This is due to the complexity that hotel price feed management currently entails. Here’s what to expect…

  • Feed troubleshooting will be simplified with faster and more intuitive in-product guidance.
  • Your feed’s health will be quickly optimised with actionable opportunities and one-click fixes.
  • A central hub will be used by the new Hotel Center to power other price feed-based hotel features in the future, like dynamic remarketing creatives.
  • Changes to the Hotel Center will be taking place in phases.

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