Instantly Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate


Email is one of the best channels to engage with your customers, it’s personal, direct and cost effective. Though, coming up with an engaging email that sparks enough interest to follow through is no easy task. Your customers probably have dozens of email flowing in every day and it’s difficult enough to ensure your email is interesting enough to be opened, let alone read and leading the user to conduct some form of action. So we’ve come up with some simple tips that instantly improve your email click-through rate.

Email New Subscribers ASAP

If you have acquired a new subscriber, it is safe to say he has a need or at least an interest in your company and what you have to offer. Take advantage of the need and time while it’s still ripe. Simply adding a promotion to your automated welcome message can work wonders. It will also set expectations for your new subscribers as they get a glimpse of what they will receive over time.

Send From a Person

Email is within the personal communication zone, so it’s only fair and natural that customers would be more trusting when receiving an email from a human persona rather than a generic company email. Apart from the sender name and email, consider adding an actual photo at the bottom as this can significantly build trust.

Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate

Short and Concise

Don’t try to explain everything in your email, that’s what the landing page is for. Your email should merely spark interest with a few words explaining why the recipient should follow through. If your content is long and full of inconsistent imagery, it might trigger spam filters, missing the customer’s eye altogether. Get to the point and focus on the message you’re trying to convey.

One Clear CTA

One of the reasons your customers might not click-through or perform an action is simply because they are being given too many options. If your email is cluttered with too many links, features, and articles the customers might get confused and frustrated as to what they are supposed to do and what is the purpose of the message. Your email should merely guide and entice them to take one action. So make sure it stands out.

Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate

Keep Mobile Users in Mind

Opt for a mobile-friendly template to avoid losing potential customers who might be reading your email on their phone. Most people are reading email in this way now.  A flashy and bulky email might take too much time to load on a phone with poor internet connection, resulting in the recipient abandoning your email or even worse, unsubscribing. Testing out your template on mobile mode before sending is imperative. Is the font too small and clustered? Is your CTA button too small or unclear?

Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your customers after they’ve left your website. To find how ICON can help you take advantage of this marketing channel, visit our Digital Marketing Services page and contact us today.