What do Lego and web design have in common?


Has the death of the desktop computer been greatly exaggerated? What does Lego have to do with web design? Is user intent the future of SEO? Discover more.

Is the desktop holding it’s own in a mobile world?


Christi Olson explains that although mobile usage is certainly growing, it does not mean the desktop is dead. She suggests that businesses should leverage the strengths and acknowledge the contributions of each device. Discover more.

What do Lego and web design have in common?

Adobe Spark (23)

Due to hundreds of frameworks and UI kits, web designers and developers are assembling all kinds of content blocks to create websites and web pages. By looking at lego, can we push moduler web design one step forward? Explore more with Samantha Zhang.

Is user intent the future of SEO?


Search engines are constantly evolving and changing. In recent years they have been optimised around users needs and their search experiences. Google now rewards content that is valuable and relevant to readers. Chris Glarratana explores ways in which you can understand your audience and the steps needed to create content that ranks in Google.

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