Opera browser literally “Reborn”


The browser you use says a lot about you. Those that use Explorer, Edge or Safari are typically happy with an “out of the box” solution. While those that use tools like Chrome and Firefox are looking for additional features or more customisable options. Now there is another option. Opera is back. The Norwegian browser’s latest update, code-named “Reborn”, hopes to change that by offering an innovative feature among other updates.

Previous updates back in 2016 offered built-in features such as free VPN and native ad blocking. Earlier this year Opera launched its experimental browser called “Neon”. This is where the concept of messenger integration within the browser was first introduced. This proved very popular as not only was it ported into the latest update but also marketed as the main central feature.

Browser chat

The messengers featured include Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram which can be accessed via the sidebar. The concept is to seamlessly switch between browsing the web and chatting with your colleagues and friends. There are two ways of using this feature. You can either open it as an overlay or pin it side by side with your current tab.

opera messenger

Additional features

The new browser also offers a new and contemporary design. The whole user interface has been updated with redrawn icons and subtle animation. The update also features a new dark mode if you want to try a different look from the typical grey one. Both the background wallpaper and the browser’s colour theme can be managed in the “customise start page” panel. Improvements have also been made to its built-in ad-blocker, security and performance.

opera dark

All in all Opera’s latest browser offers users an attractive new design and a creative feature that is normally attributed to mobile devices. While it’s tough keeping up with heavy competition, it will definitely pull a few users from the other popular browsers and add a challenge to the market. Download it today and try it out, maybe it will become your daily browser.