6 Qualities of a Good Landing Page


A landing page is a web page on your website that a user can arrive to or “land” on.  This can be any page on your site if the right search query or link is given. However, within the world of digital marketing, a landing page is usually a stand-alone page separate from the site’s normal structure. This unique page is created with a specific goal and with one objective, to create and maximise conversions. Read on to discover the essential qualities of a good landing page.


Clear and Concise Headline

The first thing viewers will see, and an influential factor for whether the viewer will read on or leave your web page. If the users don’t find relevance to what they are looking for, it’s inevitable that they will leave and look for another site that does match their query or need. Your headline should clearly explain what the page is about as well as spark interest to read on.


Product/Service Value

Now that you’ve grabbed their attention and persuaded the viewers to read on, it’s time to convince them why they need your product or service. Rather than boasting about your brand, you should focus more on how your customers can benefit from what you have to offer. Try to sum this up in as few words as possible and outline the value of your product/service. Bullet points and subtitles are a good way to get the message forward and keep it brief.

qualities of a good landing page

Hero Shot

A hero shot is an image or video in context and support of what you’re offering, and it can work wonders for your landing page.  Typical hero shots feature the product/service being used, sometimes even portraying a short demonstration.  This is the part where you have to show to the customers rather than tell. When it comes to using images, stock photos should be avoided. Should the user recognise the image as such, it will cost your company credibility.


Trust Indicators

If your product/service has been out for a while, it’s a good idea to include testimonials and reviews from existing satisfied customers. Viewers are highly likely to research something before they buy it. You can make that task easier for them and let your own customers help promote your product/service. Your customer’s testimonials will vouch for your product/service as well as outline how they each benefited from using it. After all, your reputation is built around what customers think of you.

qualities of a good landing page


Your landing page can be a great opportunity to generate leads even if you aren’t really selling anything. Include a short form and entice the viewer to fill it out by offering something in return. The perceived effort of filling out the form should be relatable to what the viewer is getting. Avoid asking too much else the viewer will be discouraged from filling it out. Start with data as simple as an email and a name in return for something free such as an e-book for a free trial.


Call to Action

The most important element on the landing page. The button that when clicked will result in a conversion, so firstly your CTA should look like a button. Secondly, just as its namesake, the button should compel viewers to proceed with the conversion.  A few words should illustrate what the viewer will get in return with proceeding such as: “Get Free Quote” or “Download Free…..”. Finally, your CTA should clearly stand out from the rest of the content. Try using a contrasting colour and a reasonably large size.

qualities of a good landing page

Bonus Tips

Ulterior Links

As stated, your landing page is usually set apart from your usual site structure. Having too many links on your page can deviate your viewer from going down the conversion funnel. Keep the page simple and directed towards the purpose and goal.

A/B Testing

Whether your landing page is doing well or not, you can still test different versions to try and improve results. Testing helps you outline what works and what doesn’t and optimising on the analysis of those results. Experiment with different headlines, images and CTA.

A good landing page takes time to build and even after launching, requires constant analysis and alterations. However, with the right qualities, your landing page can be a powerful tool to generate conversions and leads. To find out more how ICON can help you with your digiital campaigns, check out our Digital Marketing Services and contact us today.