Top Google Ads Trends for 2019


When it comes to strategy, optimization, or testing, 2018 was a demanding year for Google Ads marketers. From the platform’s rebranding to video domination, from the rise of voice search to automation, we faced challenges both for local and international markets.

This only leaves us eagerly waiting for what’s coming next. Here are some of the trends that are predicted to have the upper hand in the world of Google Advertising throughout 2019…

RIP exact match

Do you remember up until recently how Google Ads’ account structure looked like when the same phrases were broken down into separate groups by match type (one broad match modifier and one exact match)? Well, that type of separation slowly proved itself totally ineffective.

Since Google recently updated its exact match algorithm to include close variants of keywords, PPC marketers will have less control over which queries their keywords get matched for in 2019.

This year, we will see more and more accounts’ structure based on relevancy and not specifics. Also, in 2019, marketers and advertisers will need to put further focus on negative keywords and frequent optimization, especially optimization on the accounts that are not effective.

Exact Match Google Ads Trends for 2019

Exact match not so exact anymore

Smart bidding era

Automation is the top keyword for 2019. Not only in the way the ad account is working but also with regard to making full use of machine learning and optimization based on Google’s algorithms.

In 2019, we can expect manual bidding to quickly become a thing of the past. Instead, marketers will have time to focus on more creative areas of their work, like strategy, enough quality information, and analytics.

Tip: Test Smart Display campaigns, smart bidding, data-driven attribution for conversions, and so on, as much as you can.

Smart bidding Google Ads Trends for 2019

Right user, right time, right bid

The dominance of video

Video ads started to dominate the digital world in 2018 and will only continue to grow in 2019.

So, if you have not experimented with video campaigns yet, you are well behind global trends. Ad inventory based on video content is so huge right now, allowing you to achieve effective visibility for adequate budgets. 2019 is your year to plan video content and take advantage of the power of video campaigns. You can test YouTube for action, YouTube ads for reach and Outstream ads to reach beyond YouTube.

Targeted audience search will become ‘A MUST HAVE’

There’s more to Google Search campaigns than keyword targeting. If you haven’t tried it yet, give audience targeting a try in order to target your ad messages to users with specific interests or those that classify within your in-market audience. Targeting beyond the search phrase is the most significant trend that started as early as 2018, but this will reach its peak in use and innovation in 2019.

Add audiences to your Google Search Campaign level by choosing between affinity or similar audiences, or by applying demographic targeting. Monitor your campaign’s performance after a week or two.

Advertising is becoming more and more expensive overall

With Facebook clicks moving into the €2- €3 range, once considered expensive ads like LinkedIn ads are starting to look increasingly worth it, especially since B2B marketing on Facebook is almost non-existent following upgrades to Facebook’s algorithm earlier in 2018.

The fact that social media platforms give more advertising possibilities to businesses, we must expect more competitiveness and a field of choices for the end consumer. This tendency leads to more expensive ads and opportunities for more personalization, more experiments and more focus on brand marketing.

Expensive Advertising Google Ads Trends for 2019

Cost per click depends on many factors – the industry you’re in being one of them.

Source: Wordstream

The importance of structured data

The rise of e-commerce and visual search has brought along a renewed focus on structured data.

To rank better in search engines, marketers need to provide more details about product information. This goes hand in hand with providing more information about their products and services in their ads as well.

This is scientifically true as visual search slowly goes mainstream. The only way for search engines to pull up images of products, similar to the product that a picture was taken of, is by providing detailed information about the products for search engines.

Looking forward to the new year

2019 will be very exciting for Google Ads marketers as the platform itself is bound to keep changing and pushing towards new opportunities – both for Google and its advertisers. So, with these Google Ads trends for 2019 in mind, start experimenting and keep striving towards better ad performance.

Although it may feel overwhelming at first, the results reaped from adapting to these trends will be truly rewarding. If 2019 is the year you are determined to get ahead of your competitors, contact us for a free consultation. We would love to help!

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