Top SEO Factors for Optimal Ranking


What are the top factors in SEO for optimal ranking? ICON has put together this info-graphic.

SEO Factors for Optimal Ranking

Content: Ensure that the content you are creating is of top quality and unique to your organisation. Content should also be as relevant and as timely as possible. Users value this kind of content especially if it is easily accessible to them. Apart from ensuring that your website loads quickly, also make sure that it is mobile-friendly due to the ever-increasing use of mobile devices as opposed to desktop devices. Moreover, make internal links a priority as these allow users to explore different parts of your website and help spread link equity around websites.

Keywords: Regular keyword research is essential if you want to keep targeting the right audience. Additionally, following your research, ensure to incorporate these keywords as part of your content to rank better in the search engines. When uploading content, write proper titles, headings and meta descriptions to give users a more pleasant and relevant experience. Including alternative text to images is also another tip to follow.

Links: Link building is an important aspect of SEO as through this, the engines can understand how pages are related to each other and in what ways. Through links, engines can explore which websites and pages are most popular depending on the number and type of pages linking to them. Furthermore, engines can also analyze metrics like trust, spam, and authority.

Social: Take advantage of the popularity of social media by using it to provide excellent customer relationship management. Real-time engagement with customers is the principal benefit of social media to businesses as in doing so, users will feel recognized. This is the right time to start preparing strong social media marketing strategies to stay ahead of competitors.

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