6 Underused Mobile Marketing Strategies


It is now universally accepted that tailoring online marketing for mobile users is vital. It’s common practice to use responsive web design, create mobile sites and develop iOS and Android apps. But what are the most powerful underused mobile marketing strategies?

Marketing to mobile users

Getting to the Point

When marketing on the web, it’s typically good advice to be brief and clear. In mobile marketing, this is even more important. While people do consume long-form content on mobile, they’re usually looking for quick results. Don’t make it time-consuming or difficult for them to fulfill their objective or you’ll lose them. Give them the key information and functionality up-front then draw them in.

Google Maps Local Search Ads

In April, Google announced its new Google Maps Ads. The idea is to drive foot traffic by making businesses more visible at moments when users, and particularly those on mobile devices, are searching for a physical location to shop or eat at.

Depending on how users are accessing Google maps they could see 1 or 2 ads above the organic map search results.

Look out for a host of interesting new features such as promoted pins. They allow the traditional Google Maps location icons to be replaced with attention-grabbing branded versions.

Local Search Optimisation

Already a competitive aspect of SEO, local search optimisation has been overlooked by many businesses which it could benefit. There are a variety of techniques which can boost visibility in local area SERP and map results. As with the Google Maps ads above it’s a way for online marketing to drive local foot traffic, and it’s a great mobile marketing strategy.

Chatbot Marketing

In essence, a smartphone is a device designed for having conversations. In 2017 Hubspot reported that messaging apps have over 5 billion monthly users. Chatbots are uniquely well-positioned to have instant conversations with users in an incredibly scalable way.

The use of chatbots for marketing is still in its infancy, but presents organisations with a myriad of opportunities:

  • Helping customers find the ideal product or service
  • Taking orders and processing payments
  • Customer service
  • Answering FAQs
  • Product/service updates and notifications

Email Marketing Mobile Optimisation

More users open their emails on mobile than on desktop and the gap between the two is continuing to increase. Many email marketers haven’t adapted.

Some quick tips:

  • Increase font size
  • Shorten content
  • Optimise images for quick loading
  • Make sure all links are touch-friendly
  • Use a responsive template

Page Speed Optimisation

It’s been well-known for a while that having a slow site can negatively affect your Google SERP rankings. The key detail here was that your site was either considered slow or it wasn’t. It was black or white with no shades of grey.

However, this week Google’s John Muller confirmed that, due to the new Mobile Page Speed Update, speed is now judged on a sliding scale. However, this will only impact pages already considered slow.

Basically, this means that if you have a slow page, you could achieve small ranking gains by making gradual minor improvements.

Obviously, the best strategy is to make major, site-wide speed improvements. If you haven’t done so already, consider implementing AMP.

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