Top 5 Reasons to Use Laravel PHP Framework


Choosing a PHP framework is one of the key decisions when embarking on a web development project. The Laravel PHP framework is the first choice for many developers. It’s the most popular framework for a variety of reasons. Keep on reading to discover the top 5 reasons why we love Laravel:

Strong philosophy

The creators of Laravel are heavily focused on making the development process more enjoyable and on helping developers to unleash their creativity. In their own words “Happy Developers make the best code”. They’ve built Laravel to be accessible and easy to learn, while making sure that it is still powerful and flexible.

Bringing together the best ideas from other frameworks is another key part of the philosophy. Some of the biggest inspirations for Laravel were other innovative frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET and Sinatra.

Web developer using Laravel framework.


Since its first release in June 2011, Laravel has grown to become the most popular PHP framework out there. On GitHub, the main Laravel repository has over 42,00 stars, more than double the number of Symfony, the second place PHP framework. Also, a 2015 survey by SitePoint showed Laravel as the most popular by a large margin, again with Symfony in second place.

This level of popularity is, of course, a strong endorsement of quality, but it also means there are a huge amount of training and community support resources out there. Another key point is the number of ready-made applications available which can be used to quickly and easily add features.


Among the main PHP Frameworks, Laravel has a strong reputation for security. Out-of-the-box, it comes with many pre-configured authentication solutions which have several configuration options. Cross-site request forgeries are protected against by easy-to-implement CSFR tokens.

Writing PHP code

Makes common development tasks easier

Saving yourself time and effort is always an attractive proposition. Laravel streamlines many common web project tasks including caching, routing, sessions and authentication. The time savings made can allow developers to focus on the more intriguing parts of a project, and help achieve the goal of making the development process more efficient.

Excellent templating engine

Laravel’s Blade templating engine is one of the most appreciated parts of the framework. The lightweight engine allows HTML-based designs and themes to be created efficiently and rendered very quickly. It complies down into plain PHP code which is cached. This means that it basically adds no overhead to the application.

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