ICON Heightens Air Malta’s Digital Reach

With over 6 million site visits per year and target key markets in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, Air Malta plc is the largest destination airline flying out of Malta.

ICON has been handling Air Malta’s digital marketing and online presence since the redevelopment of its current website. Whilst constantly keeping up to date with technology, travel and aviation trends, ICON carries out a variety of digital marketing activities for the airline on a regular basis. Among these activities are ongoing search engine optimisation, email marketing, online advertising, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation. These are accompanied by constant ongoing industry market research and optimising experience through user testing.

The objectives of Air Malta’s digital marketing strategy are to target the airline’s market at different stages of the user journey, maintain and enhance the customer’s user experience on the website, provide quality content and ultimately increase online bookings. Having a deep understanding of today’s customer journeys and demands, ICON, a Google and Microsoft Partner, strives to create an easy and seamless user experience for the customer across multiple devices and channels.

Air Malta Digital Marketing

SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

Today, Air Malta ranks above major competitors (such as Easy Jet and Alitalia) in the first three positions on the Google search engine for popular keywords such as ‘Fly to Malta’ and ‘Flights to Malta’. Each of Air Malta’s pages are optimised regularly following thorough keyword analysis, keyword strategy and website mapping.

Air Malta’s blog is updated almost daily with quality content. The blog serves as a creative space to answer users’ questions and in turn, place itself as a thought leader within the tourism industry. From an SEO perspective, the blog provides a great advantage for the website. Each blog is an opportunity to rank for a particular topic and links to a variety of pages within the website.

Digital mentions of Air Malta are searched for on a weekly basis. Social listening is conducted to gain an understanding of the market’s sentiment and perceptions about the brand. A link building exercise is incorporated into this where ICON reaches out to third-party sites to gain external links.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

In order to enhance the customer’s user experience on the Air Malta website and support customer needs, constant monitoring is required. ICON has set up heatmaps and mouse recordings on the site to track and understand users’ site behaviour. This enables the marketing team to identify well-performing areas as well as areas leading to drop-offs (a page where many users leave the site).

Air Malta Digital Marketing

Understanding user behaviour on Air Malta’s website through heatmaps


Polls have also been set up throughout the site in order to obtain people’s feedback.  Through these, we can analyze the user journey and find out whether the site is meeting user expectations.

Air Malta Digital Marketing

Increasing Air Malta’s database by setting up pols on the website

One of the polls invites users to sign up to the Air Malta newsletter. In just one month, the poll has received over 5,000 email addresses (newsletter subscriptions).

Email marketing

ICON takes full advantage of Air Malta’s massive email database by using email marketing to target segmented markets at different stages within their journey. Emails include both promotional emails and transactional ones.

The newsletter serves as a bridge to draw users to the website, build relationships with customers, increase brand loyalty and attract new customers. Air Malta’s email marketing is proving to be a highly powerful marketing tool. Emails have reached open rates of 65% (industry average: 15%) and click-through rates of 21% (industry average: 1.8%).

PPC (Pay per Click) Campaigns

In order to increase brand awareness, extend the reach and increase direct online bookings, Air Malta has invested heavily in Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

Being a Google Partner, and having deep experience in implementing successful campaigns within the travel sector, Air Malta entrusted this task to ICON.

ICON handles a wide variety of PPC campaigns and online advertising for Air Malta. This includes implementing complex, multi-lingual campaigns tailored for several European markets including, but not limited to; the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Air Malta Digital Marketing

A user-friendly landing page which users are directed to once clicking on Air Malta’s PPC

ICON regularly creates various campaign types ranging from; display advertising, search advertising, re-marketing and Gmail advertising.

Results: Air Malta’s most recent PPC Campaigns (Summer 2017) generated over 15 million impressions, 200 thousand interactions and over 3 thousand direct bookings through AdWords.

Today Air Malta’s website receives approximately half a million visitors per month and reaches over 20,000 direct online bookings every month.

We’re extremely privileged to be working for Malta’s national airline. Air Malta turned to ICON to achieve true competitive advantage and accelerate the speed and agility of its digital growth. ICON’s deliverables are technologies that relentlessly help reshape the airline’s differentiation and performance. Embracing the strategic importance of digital and viewing it as a crucial competitive advantage is undoubtedly a key to the success that has been achieved by Air Malta in recent years.

Dr. Gege Gatt,

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