BlockMonster | Award winning cloud SAAS solution


Understanding and building software-as-a-service (SaaS) products is one of ICON’s key strengths. SaaS is a software delivery model that hosts business applications on a cloud for distributed delivery. However SaaS is not merely a technical choice, it requires the adoption of a totally new business mindset.

Block monster is ICON’s award-winning SAAS product.


Business Objectives:

Market research provided ample evidence of a niche opportunity in the field of condominium administration. Targeting small, independent residential blocks, a solution to effectively manage administrative tasks within such blocks could provide commercially viable. was born as a result of such prospect.



Blockmonster is an accounting and management solution that helps condominium administrators streamline their operations and communication with residents. The software offers cost transparency to both administrators and residents through a social platform.

The software is easy to use and guides the user through the necessary steps in administration with dedicated tutorials, turning the experience into an excellent learning curve.

Administrators can build, manage and explore communities effectively from any device. With its intuitive layout, makes requesting contributions from residents a simple process without the need of having to knock on the residents’ doors. Visibility of expenses and income is also available to view and can be accessed by both residents and administrator.

The SaaS solution is built and optimised entirely for Microsoft’s cloud: Azure and is configured to support enterprise multi-tenancy. The architecture is entirely scaleable and self-healing and is secured through industry-standard processes and protocols.

The application is offered through a paid subscription service and is supported through easy and seamless customer service. Several marketing streams support the distribution of BlockMonster through major European countries and a network of resellers assist to attract an ever-growing audience.

ICON has won “the Best eBusiness Idea of the Year” award for