CCBE European Training Platform

CCBE European Training Platform

The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) represents the bars and law societies of 32 member countries and 13 further associate and observer countries. It counts more than one million European lawyers as members. The CCBE is an international non-profit-making association based in Belgium.

Business Objectives:

Supported by a European Union grant programme, the ETP or ‘European Training Platform‘ seeks to provide a cross-border training technology which facilitates the relocation of lawyers across the EU thus increasing worker mobility. After an initial testing phases, the ETP will become available on the European Union’s e-Justice portal and in turn will be made available to all legal practitioners in various European Countries.


ICON delivered a secure, scalable, high-availability web-based solution to allow legal trainees to search for courses based on specific criteria. It also offers Training Providers to add their course and tuition data to the platform for wide dissemination. The development is entirely based on open-source software thus maximising portability and allowing the client to take over the solution at any time without any limitations relating to licenses.

Apart from the technology itself ICON mapped the interactions with and study of the requirements of various Training Providers around Europe so as to generate a sustainable data-input model for the ETP. This included both an “MIM” (Manual Input Model – for less tech savvy partners) as well as an “IM” (Interconnection Model – for more advanced users). ICON has also been tasked with the management of a help-desk, support, training and hosting of the solution for the contract period. The solution resides on a number of cloud Amazon EC2 web instances which ICON has secured through the implementation of a number of security standards and transmission protection techniques. The entire platform is fault tolerant and ICON manages the protection and monitoring of the network as well as backup and contingency planning.

Whilst overseeing the project management of the project in Brussels, ICON tested items relating to UI and UX of the entire platform giving maximum importance to elements relating to usability and accessibility. A wide multi-country user-acceptance testing process was undertaken over a period of several weeks. This process was supported by a Europe-wide call and helpdesk service to receive verbal feedback and support request from system users.

The solution provided by ICON presented a new approach to mobility based on the identification and management of training gaps in the continued professional development of pan-European legal professionals.

CCBE European Training Platform