Digital Transformation in Luxury Retail

Creating a Digital eCommerce Experience

Decielis is a luxury fashion brand founded by talented designer and former Louis Vuitton Visual Merchandiser, Zoe Hili. The luxury-brand recently transformed into a beautiful digital e-commerce experience which is now available to the global market.


Decielis - a digital e-commerce experience developed by ICON

The mastermind behind this creation uses scarves as her canvas to narrate stories that combine hand- drawn and digitally refined artworks in a beautiful range of colours. The result? Opulent fabrics originating from the finest Chinese silk; artisanal Italian printing techniques and expertise. Decielis’ fashion products are a fusion of the designer’s ever-changing surroundings, inspired by culture, art and music. Together they celebrate ‘joie de soie’ (the joy of silk).

Business Objectives

Decielis’ main objective was to undergo a digital transformation; evolving its offline brand into a fully digital e-commerce experience which allows its customers from anywhere across the world, to purchase luxury scarves and accessories online. The designer’s aim was to maintain, as well as transfer, the fine ethos of the fashion line to a digital platform and ultimately drive conversions. Ms. Hili desired a minimalistic, yet highly visual, website which would target and appeal to an international audience. Whilst conveying the brand concept and ‘joie de soie’ experience to all prospective clients, the site would make use of the latest cutting-edge technology and functionalities to ensure a seamless user-experience and smooth purchasing process, especially on mobile devices.

Decielis - a digital e-commerce experience developed by ICON


With its deep experience and expertise in e-commerce and the retail industry, ICON, a Microsoft and Google Partner company, was able to digitally transform the fashion brand by offering a bespoke solution; one that kept in line with the brand’s philosophy and catered for consumers’ ever-evolving consumer journey, purchasing habits and the rapid advancement of technology.

Collaborative Approach

ICON worked very closely with Decielis for months, to craft the optimal user-experience for its customers. This was achieved through a thorough business analysis process, prototyping wireframes and eventually building a UI design around the desired user-experience.

Mobile First Design

With the ongoing growth in M Commerce, creating a mobile first design was critical to ensure the project’s success. Research indicates that mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop, especially in retail. In fact, in the UK, 51% of all e-commerce transactions in 2016 occurred via mobile. This underlines the importance of mobile commerce and the constantly evolving buying habits and purchasing behaviour of the end-consumer. All of which, the ecommerce platform had to cater for.

For this reason, ICON developed a fully responsive e-commerce website using an open-source technology framework, which allowed the same interface to adapt to multiple devices. The site was also integrated with WooCommerce, a leading technology platform for the e-commerce shopping process. This meant that Decielis’ customers were now able to order scarves and accessories directly from the site using mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

 e-commerce website | Decielis | ICON

Usability – A Seamless Purchasing Process

Creating a satisfying user experience leads to higher conversions and happier returning customers. ICON placed the customer journey and usability at the heart of the project.

For this reason, a main navigation menu features throughout the site to facilitate navigation and assist the user to find what s/he is looking for. Today, the site features an overview page which showcases the Decielis collection allowing the customer to preview the items at a glance. A specific product page was created specifically to feature each item in more detail, displaying colours available, fabric quality, price and more.  These pages are easily accessible throughout the site via the main navigation menu, a product information section, large visuals, and breadcrumbs.

The user is then directed to the shopping cart, which clearly features visuals of the items, product details, reference number and pricing. In order to facilitate site navigation, users are offered flexibility where they can choose the option to update their shopping cart, continue shopping, add coupon codes and/or proceed to checkout.

Speed and Simplicity

Whilst slow loading sites frustrate users and can lead to increasing site exits, so do complex purchasing processes. At the checkout and payment page, customers who are logged in can find their information pre-populated, significantly speeding up the purchasing process.  To facilitate online payments for the customer, ICON integrated the Decielis store to a local payment gateway solution, which accepts payment from all major credit cards. The site supports various payment options including PayPal, direct bank transfer, cheque payment, cash on delivery and credit card.

Finally, to guarantee security and customer retention, the payment gateway solution is integrated with third party APCO which is fully compliant.

Customers can also return their product within a certain timeframe and can easily contact customer care directly through the website’s contact form.

Developing an e-commerce solution in the retail industry | ICON

The online store was designed to be easily understood, without having to make the user think too much. The minimalistic design and features on the site together with the high use of visuals, enhanced the users’ experience and minimise distractions and technical jargon. The site’s visual design resembles the experience of being in an offline store but with more features and capabilities.

Connecting with customers through personalisation

With simplicity comes personalisation. Today, the site can store a user’s items that have been added to their shopping cart or wish list, without the need to be logged in. It can also keep track of ‘recently viewed’ items to display these in dedicated sections throughout the site.

In order to build customer loyalty, ICON crafted a dedicated landing page which would provide a personalised experience to existing customers, facilitate repeat purchases and gain further insight on the customers’ purchasing behaviour. By creating an account on the website, customers can store items in their shopping cart and automatically populate their billing address and personal details when making a purchase. The users’ account would serve as a dashboard featuring an overview of their latest orders, upcoming orders, store credit and preferences.

Integrating this data with a Business Intelligence tool creates the perfect opportunity to extract predictive analytics about the customer and the products, allowing Decielis to make informed decisions.

Management Features – A configurable site without the need for technical skills

Here at ICON we understand that an e-commerce store does not stop at development stage. Such a website must be maintained, updated with stock uptakes and new products and must keep up with the rapidly changing trends in the online world.


ICON’s e-commerce solution was also developed with the retailer in mind. Configurable, without the need for technical skills, the retailer can access the backend of the website and easily add and remove products. The solution allows the seller to manage the store’s inventory easily, track stock levels, hold stock and receive notifications. The backend user has full control over price, stock, images, sizes and more.


ICON’s e-commerce platform enables interoperability where the system is designed to integrate easily with third-party software solutions via industry standard integration methods. Indeed, the Decielis e-commerce portal is already integrated with a PCI Certified Payment Gateway to facilitate online payments – from anywhere in the world. An Email Transaction Engine was also implemented to support automated emails.


The technology framework is flexible to allow for the continuous improvement of the system as well as the addition of new features to support optimised business processes, changes in legislation and particularly the GDPR and/or changes in users’ needs.

The site is now live and you can start shopping right away. ICON continues to support Decielis through hosting and support services. It is also currently conducting digital marketing exercises for the client.

Commenting on the project, Mr. Ian Castillo, Director at ICON, stated:

“We’re extremely pleased to be working on this assignment for one of Europe’s upcoming luxury retail brands. Decielis turned to ICON to achieve true competitive advantage and accelerate the speed and agility of its digital growth. ICON’s deliverables are technologies that relentlessly help reshape the brand’s differentiation and performance.”


“This innovative end-to-end digital solution aligns perfectly with the ethos of our brand and we are very excited by the new potential it has opened up for our business. Decielis is extremely pleased with ICON’s involvement in this project and very satisfied with the innovative solution it resulted in.”

Zoe Hili
CEO of Decielis


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