Hilltop Gardens | A conversion amplification solution

Hilltop Retirement Living

Presenting a multi-million investment opportunity to establish a retirement village in Malta,  AX Holdings Group approached ICON requesting the development of a new website for the Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village so as to increase brand awareness and user requests. Hilltop Gardens is a unique retirement complex which offers a lifestyle choice and creates facilities where retirees can live comfortably with a support system surrounding them, ready to cater for any need.

Business Objectives:

ICON was tasked with the development and design of a website and its content as well overseeing the artistic direction of photography and animated content.

In understanding Hilltop Gardens’ strengths ICON also recognised the threats and weaknesses within the retirement sector, these being mainly social misinterpretations and lack of trust within the field of elderly-care amongst the target population.

ICON’s task was to convey the level of prestige of the project through content and visuals and to communicate the difference between a retirement village and a home. Ultimately the site’s objective was to create a space where people could ask questions and educate themselves about the concept.

Hilltop Retirement Living


As a result, ICON developed a creative, user friendly and easy to navigate website to suit the target market. The website was built using a responsive framework to provide an optimal browsing experience across a wide range of devices. A content management system was implemented to enable Hilltop Gardens’ team to edit, create and update content around its experience, services and benefits to its customers.

Accessibility and easy navigation was a main priority for ICON when building the site to suit its target market. Larger font sizes, an easily identifiable main navigation, a pleasant colour scheme and clear concise content all contributed to creating a holistic pleasant user experience. This ultimately reflects the brand’s image and prestigious product.

The solution provided by ICON has led to an immediate increase in business leads and a measurable surge in brand awareness and memorability.