Hotel Phoenicia


Hotel Phoenicia

Hotel Phoenicia is a leading 5 star luxury hotel. It boasts 7.5 acres of mature garden and is situated at the entrance of Valletta, a unique UNESCO World Heritage site.

Business objective

ICON was entrusted to set up and manage the Hotel’s entire online presence in order to gain exposure in competitive markets such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and France. Services ranged from e-commerce platforms to SEO and scalable infrastructure to 24/7 support.


The first project was contracted in 2008. ICON was tasked with the development of an integrated e-commerce platform and has, ever since, been a key contributing factor to Phoenicia’s online success.

Over the year’s ICON’s responsibility has extended to developing supporting web portlets for niche markets, setting up of social media frameworks, managing ongoing e-marketing initiatives as well as revamping website modules to increase usability and conversions.

Today Hotel Phoenicia’s site showcases the prestige and quality of the Hotel, offering an enhanced user experience with clean, crisp, high resolution images and seamless integration with social channels. The website is built with a responsive framework to provide an optimal browsing experience across a wide range of devices such as mobiles and tablets.

ICON’s ongoing e-marketing initiatives also ensure that the hotel’s website maintains a predominant online presence using bespoke Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation techniques which in turn increase visibility within organic searches. Online advertising campaigns are also managed by ICON and have consistently generated revenue in terms of increased sales and heightened brand awareness.

“Our successfully redesigned website reflects the ethos of Phoenicia’s brand, the professional courtesy and forward-thinking attitude that has kept us at the forefront of the hospitality industry in Malta for 70 years. Our new site is a sleek portal, so the user’s experience extends beyond the Hotel to our larger community, visitors can instantly get a sense of who we are, while checking out all the great things they can expect during a stay.”

Charles Azzopardi – General Manager (Hotel Phoenicia)