ICON deploys an innovative technology solution for Malta International Airport

Travelers can now plan their trips better thanks to Malta International Airport’s newly-designed website. ICON was responsible for designing and developing the new end-to-end digital solution which provides an extensive range of innovative functions including bookmarking flights, finding ideal connections to desired destinations and weather forecasts. This new website will give visitors an excellent experience that extends beyond the airport terminal.


Malta International Airport is the only airport connecting the island of Malta to the rest of the world. It is situated in the South Central of Malta and is the third most internationally connected airport in its class. 2015 saw 4.62 million passengers, an all-time record for the island’s sole airport and this year, 37 airlines will fly from MLA to 95 destinations across Europe and North Africa. The core air terminal operations include general passenger services, and the operation of an extensive range of facilities at the airport, with 30 retail outlets, 14 catering establishments and over 1,500 vehicle parking spaces.

The airport also operates Malta’s only Meteorological Office, complete with an automated weather system as well as a Doppler weather radar.

Malta International Airport has consistently achieved outstanding results in airport service quality, ranking as one of the Top 5 European airports in each consecutive year for the past 5 years.

Business Objective

Airports are increasingly challenged to improve travelers’ experience and provide innovative solutions to support today’s age of ‘connected travelers’. MIA is using this opportunity to radically improve the way it connects with its customers across all its digital channels and entrusted ICON to assist with the implementation of its new vision.

The main target audience for this includes:

  • Travelers: Maltese and tourists looking to find information on their flight, Malta, weather, shopping at the airport and where to park.
  • Corporate Partners and Shareholders: Ground Handlers, Airlines and other partners + owners wanting to find out more about the business and its activities
  • Visitors: Maltese people visiting the Airport to use its Landside Facilities and local surfers searching for weather reports.


Solution Overview

The project entails the design, development and support of the main airport website as well as three microsites including MIA weather, LaVallette Executive Lounge and Skyparks Business Centre.

The main project deliverables entailed:

  • User-Research: In-depth user-research was conducted to ensure a thorough understanding of MIA’s target audience. This was done through various techniques including; (a) onsite surveys at the airport, (b) email surveys, (c) usability testing on the present website, and (d) traffic analysis using real-time monitoring and user-behavior analysis tools. The outcome of this research enabled ICON to define the key personas the airport should be targeting – these insights were therefore a key input for the new design, content and marketing strategy for the airport.
  • UI & UX Responsive Website Design: A unique design concept was created following user-experience workshops in which ICON together with MIA planned the landing pages and user-experience goals for each key part of the websites.


  • Bespoke Software Development: A number of bespoke solutions were built to improve the user’s experience. These included: (a) bespoke flight schedule & destination map, (b) dedicated arrivals & departures section which is updated in real-time to ensure accurate flight status updates, (c) an interactive weather microsite including functions for users to subscribe for a daily weather digest, (d) email newsletter integration including automated email workflows to send personalized emails, (e) dedicated section to promote the airport’s car park with the ability for users to calculate parking rates and check availability, (f) dedicated corporate section including third party integration and bespoke development to display various statistics, (g) dedicated shop & dine section to promote various retail outlets and restaurants and (h) content targeting based on the user’s behavior on the website.
  • Monitoring: Integration to Google Analytics as well as a dedicated UX monitoring tool has been planned to ensure the airport can gather quantitative and qualitative insights which will help continuously improve the user’s experience on the website.

The structure of the newly launched website was designed to be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly in order for the website to gain increased visibility through online searches.  The website also gives Malta International Airport the opportunity to actively promote the Maltese islands through a blog and ‘Visit Malta’ section.

Commenting on the release of this solution, Dr. Gege Gatt Director at ICON stated: “We wanted to provide a distinctive experience for MIA customers by offering a solution that meets their true digital needs. This is the hallmark of innovation online – being able to tune-into customer needs and transform the online experience to be truly unique and effective.”

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