Enhancing FinanceMalta’s Digital Presence in the Financial Industry

FinanceMalta is a public-private initiative set up to promote Malta as an International Financial Centre. Today, the financial services sector is a major force in the country’s economy and FinanceMalta has a big role to play in representing Malta.

Having developed an innovative digital solution for FinanceMalta, ICON is responsible for maintaining FinanceMalta’s website and enhancing its strong digital presence. This is carried out through several digital marketing activities, including search engine optimisation, campaign development, online advertising, lead generation and conversion rate optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

Using a variety of professional online marketing tools and through its own market research, ICON optimises the site regularly. This involves carrying out keyword analysis, site mapping and understanding industry user trends to ensure that the site is well optimised and ready to answer users’ search queries. Today, the site ranks first on Google.com for keywords such as ‘Malta Funds’, ‘Malta Trusts’, ‘Finance Jobs Malta’ and ‘Pensions schemes Malta’.

In order to increase FinanceMalta’s ranking, ICON also places importance on link building and brand monitoring. Brand mentions are monitored daily and enable ICON to listen to FinanceMalta’s target market. It provides the opportunity to obtain inbound links to FinanceMalta’s website. This is a strong ranking factor which contributes to increasing the website’s quality, ranking and domain authority.

Digital Audit 

ICON is well aware that user testing and monitoring are two key factors which contribute to a site’s performance and user experience. For this reason, ICON carried out a thorough and extensive digital audit on FinanceMalta’s website recently. This involved User Testing where a sample market’s activity was monitored on its website and users were given tasks to complete. Surveys were set up to gain customer feedback whilst a thorough competitor analysis was done to allow ICON to benchmark the company against its competitors. This audit ultimately helped ICON to gain insight into user’s understanding of and navigation through the website as well as identify FinanceMalta’s strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Today, ICON continues to monitor FinanceMalta’s website on a regular basis using heatmaps, mouse recordings, google analytics goals and events.


Understanding user behaviour and user journey through heatmaps

Lead Generation

FinanceMalta invests in email marketing to build brand loyalty, increase site visits and relationships with clients. For this reason, ICON set up pols throughout the website to incentivise users to sign up to FinanceMalta’s newsletter. This successfully generated over 1,000 subscribers in the first quarter of the year.

Lead generation is of utmost importance to FinanceMalta. For this reason, ICON introduced gated content on the website so as to build FinanceMalta’s database. ICON developed a process to enable the website to collect thousands of records from across the website and store them in a common repository, enabling FM to generate leads and build relationships with its customers.

Whilst hosting FinanceMalta’s publications on its website, ICON also frequently uses PPC advertising to promote and distribute such material. Pay per click campaigns have worked effectively for FinanceMalta, allowing the public-private entity to reach its target market and create brand awareness at the same time. Such campaigns are also used to promote FinanceMalta’s events to reach an international market.


Increasing FinanceMalta’s database through gated content on the website

There are new dynamics at play in the financial industry. The digital readiness of a country has become critical in its ability to attract investment and create a rich and attractive marketplace. ICON has assisted FinanceMalta over multiple years to transform and improve its digital touchpoints and master the new realities of digital conversation.

Dr. Gege Gatt,

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