IHI plc | A web solution for a global operator

International Hotel Investments plc. (IHI)

International Hotel Investments plc. (IHI) is a global investor, developer, owner and operator of the luxury hotels chain around the world. IHI acquires landmark properties in major cities, typically at competitive pricing in distressed or complex situations. It operates properties in Prague, St. Petersburg, Tripoli, Lisbon, Budapest, London and Malta.

Business Objectives:

IHI and ICON have worked closely for many years. Customer feedback and research indicated that IHI’s site needed modernising. The brand grew significantly over time and the IHI website did not reflect this growth. The company’s history and culture needed to be represented online in a modern and attractive way yet the site needed to contain information that was appealing to both users and international investors.


This presented a challenge to the team however with the assistance of ICON’s user-research expert, the UI and UX team were given a clear understanding of IHI’s target audience and in turn devised a new design strategy to meet the needs and expectations of the site’s variety of users.

To this effect, the entire website was rebuilt from scratch with a fully responsive framework to ensure that it would work on any platform or device. A new crisp design was created and stunning visuals of the company’s hotel portfolio were commissioned to truly reflect the company as a whole.

The solution runs entirely on open source technology within a LAMP environment and is operated on a Microsoft Azure base platform. The site is fully responsive an optimised for tablet experience.

“We’re delighted with our new website. It is a dramatic improvement on its replacement and looks fantastic on any device. Most importantly the site truly represents our business ethos. Whether it be about our own hotels, our managed services, commercial properties or construction services – IHI breathes life into its projects.”

Simon Naudi – Executive Director