ICON’s software for Jobsplus generates millions of views

Jobsplus (formerly the ETC) is a government employment agency which specialises in helping people  find employment on the Maltese Islands. Since its induction two and a half decades ago, Jobsplus has been providing thousands of job seekers and employers across Malta with rewarding work experiences by empowering, assisting and training job seekers; promoting workforce development and assisting employers in their recruitment and training needs.

Jobsplus’ mission is ‘to enhance accessibility to the employment market through modernised and targeted services, whilst facilitating labour mobility and promoting investment in human capital.’

Business Objectives:

Jobsplus’ primary business objective was to increase activity within the employment sector as well as reducing the recruitment costs for employers. A platform that could facilitate access to thousands of jobs and offer innovative job-matching solutions which take away the administrative burden to find the right job opportunities was needed. The scope was to support companies to manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy to use interface.

The project commenced in 2015 and there was a strong desire to become the go-to source for all national employment-related matters in Malta including (but not limited to): career advice, job vacancies across the public and private sector, free training opportunities, funds available for applicants and employers, employment-related policies, and HR advice for employers. Jobsplus needed to offer the Maltese market a dynamic, easy to use online platform tailored to match both business’ and user’s needs in the broadest way possible.

At the same time as the commencement of the project, Jobsplus was undergoing a major rebranding exercise to make the brand more approachable and appealing to a younger workforce. It was critical that the new website reflected these fundamental changes. Jobsplus’ objective was to put the user at the centre of its design to clearly understand their needs and translate these into a friendly, intuitive, and dynamic interface. Jobsplus required a solution that supported a cost-effective development process while remaining reliable and scalable.


With a deep understanding of the recruitment sector and a highly-qualified team, ICON, a Microsoft and Google Partner was able to offer a cost-effective solution, designed in line with the brand changes introduced by the complex transition from the ETC (Employment and Training Corporation) to Jobsplus.

To meet these requirements, ICON utilised its own UI platform, ICON Argent, to provide a solid foundation for custom modules to be designed and developed including authentication, authorization, and a variety of UI components, such as fast AJAX-powered data lists, CSS structures, file management and rich-text editors.

The award-winning portal forms part of a fully-responsive website which can be used seamlessly across multiple devices. The solution is built on a .Net framework and uses a bespoke Content Management System which allows the front-end to be accessible by the general public and the back-end to be utilised by Jobsplus staff members. The solution contains intelligent algorithms which match job seeker profiles with active vacancies and vice versa.

The Jobsplus portal now offers job seekers the opportunity to create a personalised digital profile, allowing them to search and match while enabling employers to view their profile when it matches with one of their vacancies. The process for creating a CV from scratch is usually a lengthy, arduous process and ICON solved this challenge by developing a smart CV Builder, which enables users to find their employment history and populate the job seeker’s CV automatically. A job seeker can further populate his or her CV with the relevant academic qualifications, preferred job types, skills and competencies he or she is competent in along with licenses they may hold.

The portal can produce reporting for both the job seeker and the employer, displaying useful metrics such as how many profiles are available which match a specific vacancy and a gap analysis for job seekers and employers displaying which key skills are missing in the job seeker’s profile with respect to the vacancy demands.

Apart from providing job seekers with matched vacancies and employers with matched CV profiles, it gives stakeholders the opportunity to view and analyse the most common gaps between profiles and enterprise demands.Some of the key features which job seekers and employers can find on the Jobsplus website include:

  • A new, usercentric employment portal which is modern, distinct and creative; adapting the latest trends in web design and technologies while at the same time emitting trust, authority and dynamism
  • Bespoke modules to facilitate the online-matching process and provide a personalised experience for job seekers and employers alike. Some of the core functions included are:
    • Job Search: an advanced search function to fast find jobs based on advanced keyword search and prioritisation of results.
    • Candidate Search: a targeted search function for employers to easily identify prospective candidates which best match their job vacancy criteria.
    • Registration & Authentication: a process with robust permission capabilities to cater for a broad group of users including administrators, job seekers, employers, groups of companies and more.
    • Targeted Dashboards: allowing users to access information and perform actions based on their persona and status.
    • CV builder: a module allowing job seekers to easily fill in the details pertaining to their skills, competencies and other relevant fields as well as view their CV in presentation mode before publishing it online.
    • Notifications & Messages: facilitating the communication process between the employer and candidates, as well as notifying users of any events related to their actions (e.g. vacancy application received).
    • Companies: a module developed to help companies manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy to use interface.
    • Courses: a module which allows users to view upcoming training courses, apply for a course online and manage any related details online.
    • Funds: a module which allows users to view upcoming funding opportunities which may be available. Thay can also apply and manage any related details online.
    • Continuous Improvement: a structured plan to ensure the Jobsplus portal continues to evolve and meet new business requirements as well as users’ ever-growing needs.


This digital solution is supporting Malta to reduce its unemployment rate which further enhances the economy and the attractiveness of our country from an investment perspective.

 The solution provided by ICON to Jobsplus has:

  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Put many more services available online including; Guiding Services, Government Schemes and Training Opportunities
  • Offered quicker response times
  • Produced less paperwork and red tape
  • Improved functionality to both employees and employers
  • And most importantly, has aided superior job mobility.

The Jobsplus project has also received a prestigious award from the Malta Communications Authority for the Best Technology in the eGovernment Sector (April 2017).

ICON Develops Digital Solution for Jobsplus
From left to right: Dr. Gege Gatt (Director at ICON), Ing. Saviour Zammit (Professor at the University of Malta), Mr. Clyde Caruana (Executive Chairman at Jobsplus), Mr. Josef Cachia (ICT Department Manager at Jobsplus), Mr. Edwin Camilleri (Labour Market Information Department Manager at Jobsplus), Mr. David Bonello (Head Of Division Finance, Procurement and ICT at Jobsplus), Mrs. Christine Falzon (Business Development Manager at ICON), Mr. Ian Castillo (Director at ICON) and Mr. Carl Saydon (Marketing Manager at ICON).

Jobsplus is extremely pleased with ICON’s involvement in this project and very satisfied with the innovative solution it resulted in. The portal is a truly formidable tool which – apart from the various online services available to our clients – offers an online platform where job seekers and employers can match and communicate with each other. It will help make our organisation more efficient in our day-to-day activities, which in turn will cause Malta’s employment services to be much more effective and efficient.

Mr. Josef Cachia,
ICT Department Manager

Solving the needs of our clients by using cutting-edge technology and out-of-the-box thinking is always our approach at ICON. We’re however especially proud of the Jobs Portal we developed for Jobsplus, since it’s an invaluable tool for one of our country’s most important pillars – employment.

Mr. Ian Castillo,

Explore the future of personalised recruitment on the Jobsplus website.

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