Creating a digital airport of the future

to provide a seamless travel experience and drive up commercial revenue

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Located in the heart of Europe, lux-Airport is a boutique airport which offers the quality and standards of a large hub airport with the comfort and efficiency of a regional one. The airport holds traveler convenience and comfort as its number one priority, striving to meet customers’ needs at all stages of their journey.

Lux-Airport prides itself on more than 86 direct flight destinations and 16 different airlines. Although small, the airport welcomed 4.4 million passengers through its doors in 2019 as well as 957.000 tones of cargo.


ICON has serving Luxembourg Airport since 2016 and it has been consistently contributing to the success of its online portal through continuous UI/UX improvement, leading to higher engagement, strong brand positioning within the key target markets (Luxembourg, Germany and France) and now a stronger drive towards revenue generation through the airport’s core services

Beyond this success, lux-Airport has reported a 46% and 54% increase in mobile and organic traffic respectively. Today, the new customer-oriented design allows website visitors to easily access all Information in less than 3 seconds.


In today’s competitive travel industry, delivering high-quality, accommodating experiences that connect deeply with customers, is essential. Like all airports, lux-Airport has to quickly adapt to the ever-changing passenger and corporate expectations. For these reasons, lux-Airport approached ICON to

  • Align airport’s digital strategy with its business objectives, while  raising the bar in customer experience and increasing ancillary sales.
  • Provide a single digital platform to increase operational efficiency and enhance insights for business decision-making.

“The new website and mobile application work seamlessly together to offer a unique experience, making it more convenient for every person to plan their trip to and from the airport. This innovative end-to-end digital solution aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Luxembourg Airport brand and we are very excited by the new potential it has opened up for our business.“


President & CEO at Lux-Airport


ICON has been entrusted to deliver a robust digital solution which caters to a superior end-to-end travel experience that understands user needs and provides personalised services to all passengers and hence creating the airport of the future. The solution features the following:

  • Anticipating passengers’ needs: to consolidate passenger travel and shopping experience, ICON created a new real-time ‘travel-companion’ platform that offers a holistic view of the customer. At the same time, a campaign platform anticipates passengers’ needs and drives targeted marketing campaigns and push notifications to customers across different channels.
  • Effectively targeting key markets: The website offers hundreds of pages in several languages to further enhance passenger experience. Lux-Airport has benefited from an SEO and geo-targeted content which ensures that the relevant information reaches millions of customers across key European markets and beyond.
  • Driving ancillary revenue: there are certain moments in the journey lifecycle at which a traveller is more open to receiving offers. ICON developed a bespoke and practical solution that that allows passengers not only to access best offers and entertainment services, but also quickly locate and purchase available parking at the airport.
  • Always within reach: Being able to communicate with its passengers, business partners and public at all times is crucial for airports. Lux-Airport’s digital solution consists of multiple communication channels that ensures public always receives information and announcements directly from back-office system.  One of the key communication platforms if dark-site that supports the airport in the case of any unfortunate events.
  • Cloud Based: ICON uses the latest cloud technology and ensures the site is built for scalability and resilience. Moreover, to ensure high availability and performance for international users, Content Delivery Network is used which serves the data from servers close to visitors proximity. Over the years, 99.95% site availability was achieved for users all around the world.
  • Security – Our Priority: being a mission critical website, a special importance was placed on achieving industry-class security and compliance standards. Web security adn reliability testing is run regularly to detect any potential threats.