MSV Life plc. | A strategic web toolkit

MSV Life

MSV Life p.l.c is a leading provider of life insurance protection, long term savings and retirement planning. It is in part owned by global-leader MAPFRE which operates in 47 countries across five continents and has registered almost €26 billion in total revenue for 2013. The firm employs 36,000 people and works with more than 68,000 intermediaries.

Business Objectives

ICON was tasked with creating MSV’s web presence and presenting the contemporary image of the company through an accessible front-end and robust CMS. MSV puts forward periodic campaign and digital media requirements as well as application development requirements for bespoke insurance calculation widgets.


The site was strategically built with the aim of engaging the customer through an appealing and user-friendly design which is easy to operate and understand. This straightforward approach in layout was also extended to the content of the website where the company presented its product and services as comprehensible, enabling clients to build a relationship with MSV.

The website allows MSV to reach out to its clients and fulfill the company’s endeavours, such as the MSV Customer Service Centre and the provision of its retirement advice. Through the development of the site, ICON ensured that the website could start a dialogue between the client and MSV Life.

As a result ICON created an environment in which MSV’s clients and intermediaries can share a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the business at the outset of every search.

“The new portal is well integrated into the brand identity of MSV. It presents our key business offering through well laid-out pages and an extremely intuitive interface. The portal has already attracted a large amount of visitors which encourages us to invest further in this medium”

Mr. David G. Curmi, CEO of MSV Life plc.

The solution utilizes the Microsoft Azure platform for a distributed, secure infrastructure.