to rapidly launch new products, improve claims handling process and operational efficiency.

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RCI is one of the major insurance companies in Malta and Europe with over 12 years of experience. The organisation provides insurance solutions to 2.5 million customers in 4 European countries, and boasts a track-record of satisfied clients. RCI insurance is part of the RCI Bank & Services that is a financial arm for 38 countries worldwide.

What makes RCI as trustworthy as it is today, is their mission to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients, with utmost integrity and diligence at all times. In fact, RCI’s motto, ‘insurance catered for your needs’, is a reflection of their commitment towards their clients.


RCI is pleased to announce that the new claims management solution developed by ICON, is providing tangible business results and has surpassed its expected KPIs.

Notably, RCI has reported a 50% increase in productivity and a significant reduction in time to treat a claim.


The digital transformation of insurance operations is reshaping the current and future state of the industry. In response, companies must embrace change and  rethink business models to move towards compliant, secure and digital operations. New digital capabilities help streamline new product development, digital experiences and enhance customer and employee satisfaction.

For this reason, RCI needed a digital solutions partner with relevant experience and expertise in the insurance industry to develop a highly-customisable and future-proof insurance software solution for their company.

Through this project RCI wanted to achieve:

  • Efficiency
    20% reduction in their claims handling process,
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Reduction in the overall running costs of the insurance claims management software.
  • Innovation
    Highly-customisable product management solution to increase the speed to go-to-market with new insurance products and/or country deployments,
  • Flexibility
    The ability to manage and support the system internally

Output is the most important thing when measuring success of any project. My advice to anyone thinking of undertaking a digital transformation project would be to find a partner who works closely with you from the beginning to get the best solution out to the market. We found this in ICON.


CIO & Business Development Officer at RCI


After consulting ICON and thoroughly reviewing all options, RCI decided to opt for a custom-built claims management system which was supported by pre-built software components. To ensure the successful delivery of the project, an agile development and deployment approach was implemented by ICON. This involved:

  • Splitting the solution into minimal viable products, to ensure business users are frequently reviewing, testing and familiarising themselves with the solution.
  • Identifying a Pilot Market which presented the lowest risk to the client (in terms of the volume of users, claims and required configuration).
  • Creating a communication strategy to keep all client’s business users abreast of the high-level project status and the benefits they can expect from the new solution.
  • Allocating a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team to the project, to ensure knowledge is developed and retained throughout the process.

The insurance management software includes key capabilities to empower RCI with the ability to rapidly launch new products, improve their claims handling process and increase their operational efficiency.

  • Exceptional User-Experience: claim handlers can enjoy a modern and user-friendly dashboard to handle day-to-day tasks and process claims efficiently with a limited amount of clicks and page refreshes.
  • Accessible: Controlled access can be provided to claim handlers and employees directly from the administrator dashboard. In turn, authorised users can access the system from any device, any time without having to install the software.
  • Highly-Configurable: Key components of the system are now configurable, allowing business users to quickly adapt to market changes. The system is multilingual, supports multi-currency and can be configured to support various insurance products, workflows and reporting metrics.
  • Interconnectable: The claims management solution is built with interoperability in mind. REST APIs make it possible to connect the solution with both internal and external software systems to ensure data consistency and a real-time view of the customer’s claims process.
  • Compliant: with such a highly regulated industry, key importance was placed to ensure the system can meet the regulatory requirements across the different target countries.

“Collaboration with RCI has been a great opportunity and a learning curve for ICON. Our tech team unlocked the potential of the latest technologies and delivered a solution  that achieves modularity, scalability and performance efficiency. On top of that, working with RCI not only improved  our understanding of the insurance industry, but also gave us the ability to cater for multinational business needs. RCI has definitely made ICON a more dynamic, versatile and fast paced company.”

Ambra Cristaldi – Head of Product Owner, ICON