Digital Transformation Case Study – RS2 Software Plc.

RS2 Managed Payment Solutions are providers of the payment software of choice for many of the world’s leading and most innovative financial companies. With customers ranging from SMEs to large, international corporations, RS2 Smart Processing provide a managed services business model which offers progressive and efficient solutions to their portfolio of clients.

RS2 digital transformation mock-ups

RS2 aims to offer customers reduced operational costs, increased network and app reliability, offer assistance in managing the complexities of integrating new technologies across multiple platforms, and accelerate businesses through a shift to unified Payments environments whilst reducing risk and increasing productivity.

Technology wise, RS2 pride themselves on standards of a world-class variety including highly resilient data centres running to tier 1 bank standards, and highly scalable and secure IBM hybrid service architecture which offers top quality service, robustness, and availability 24/7/365. With offices around the world, RS2 supports over 130 clients in more than 35 different countries. They offer an end to end full solution including; card issuance, merchant acquiring, clearing, settlement, transaction switching, authorisation, call centre customer service, and service across all channels including mobile, e-commerce and cardholder present EMV.

A company trusted by banks, processors, and payments service providers- RS2 process over USD$235 billion worth of payments and transactions every year, and it was time that the brand, and the website reflected the true scope and quality of the service they provided. That is where ICON came in.

RS2 website on a laptop


Business Objective 1: Rebranding & Repositioning

In the constantly changing, highly competitive world of technology, and in particular payment processing, it is important that companies operating in the sphere not only offer the best service possible, but that their branding makes them stand out from the crowd.

In the case of RS2, they weren’t just after a simple rebrand- they envisaged a transformation that would allow RS2 to reposition the way the brand is communicated to clients, whilst taking advantage of the latest digital technologies to increase their outreach and cement their place as leaders in their field.

As one of the leading payment management service providers, with some of the world’s most well-known and well-respected clients as customers, their brand needed to not only reflect this but promote it as well.


Business Objective 2: Overhaul of Website- a more responsive experience, increased traffic, reach more languages

In a world where image is everything, it was important to combine a sleek, user-friendly web browsing experience with the necessary technology and digital tools to present the vision of a brand that really has its finger on the pulse.

To ensure a truly global reach, RS2 wanted to have the ability to communicate with as many prospective clients as possible- to do this the site would have to be available in other languages as well as encourage traffic from other countries.

Once on the site, the layout needed to be responsive, easy to navigate, yet sophisticated enough to reflect the brand values mentioned in Business Objective 1.

RS2 wanted to be able to communicate their history, their message, and their solutions in an elegant, responsive, dynamic and intuitive web interface that would offer visitors a seamless browsing experience.

RS2 website on mobile


With a clear idea of RS2’s objectives, ICON set about developing a fully integrated digital solution to not just meet, but surpass the expectations of the client. With a deep understanding of the technology sector, as well as a diverse and highly-skilled team behind the scenes, ICON was able to come up with a cost effective yet fully comprehensive answer that would seek to position RS2 at the forefront of the digital frontier.

ICON’s solution was based on significant market research to understand exactly what current and predicted trends in the market were, as well as what other key competitors were offering. Based on this, they were able to present a solution that offered a multi-lingual and responsive end-to-end solution that offered not just a full image revamp, but a more efficient user experience.



Some of the key features to be found on ICON’s end-to-end digital solution for RS2 included:

A fresh design concept

A new design including 13 unique page types were created to showcase the sites content in a unique and engaging way. Using the branding, logo, colour scheme, and tagline of RS2, pages and sub-pages were created in close collaboration with RS2 to ensure that the goal for each page is identified, and that each template meets the needs of the end user.

Intuitive UX and UI interface

Once the page types were designed and finalised, ICON proceeded to work on the UI and UX interfaces. It was important to ensure that the branding and usability of the site would transfer well onto mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Special attention was also given to ease of navigation, functionality and responsiveness to various size screens and types of devices.

Multi-lingual capabilities

ICON utilised the WordPress multilingual plugin (WPML) to better service the international clientele of RS2. By implementing the plugin, the site is now available in multiple world languages such as Arabic, French, German, Indian and Japanese, amongst others. Importance was placed on ensuring the quality of the site and the content, whilst easily allowing translation into various languages.

An email marketing solution

ICON knows that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels and provides the greatest ROI- miles ahead of social media marketing, content marketing, referral marketing, and SEO. Bearing this in mind, ICON created an email marketing solution including the design of a newsletter subscription form on the website, as well as the design of a newsletter template in HTML format.

Integrated CRM

Knowing the importance of building a database of clients and potential clients details, ICON included an enquiry form linked to a CRM, in their solution. Designed to create lead- generation opportunities, the fully customisable enquiry form collects information such as names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses and stores them in the back-end, helpfully doubling as a basic CRM system.

Location Map

A location map, using Google’s API was integrated into the site so that RS2 could graphically represent all of their worldwide offices, as well as providing useful information like direction and street addresses.


Having an up-to-date blog full of well-written and informative blog posts is an important part of any successful website. A blog attracts return readers, provides interesting social media posts, and improves the SEO ranking of the site. ICON envisioned a blog that enjoys a prominent position on the RS2 website and provides a fascinating selection of content to not only keep visitors engaged, but to help with brand-building as well.

Social media integration

Social media was an important focus of this project and the solution included the use of social share buttons on each page which would help to drive traffic back to the site. ICON also provided for the integration of embedded content such as YouTube videos and Sound Cloud to enable RS2 to promote a diverse range of content types from various social and media sources.

Live chat integration

By including a live chat tool within the site, ICON gave RS2 the opportunity to interact with visitors in real time, thus increasing customer satisfaction as well as creating a new platform for generating sales. By using automated greetings, chat invitations, and offering information when they need it, visitors are happier, more engaged, and more likely to transition into becoming a client.


In a highly competitive industry, such as finance, a bespoke and high quality digital presence is vitally important. ICON’s multilingual solution for RS2 has made their website accessible to many more potential clients. The email marketing, live chat and CRM elements of the project allow RS2 to generate more leads and follow them up effectively. All of this is achieved within an eye-catching contemporary design perfectly suited to our multi-screen world.

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