Ship Low Cost | A web-enabled logistics solution

slc2 is an innovative, web-enabled logistics solution that permits customers to move their purchases within Europe. It connects buyers and sellers who don’t have pre-existing shipping options. The solution ICON provided established itself as the top purveyor of logistics services for Internet purchases in the country.

Business Objectives:

With an ever-growing e-commerce industry ICON’s customer identified an opportunity to introduce a service to move goods between countries in which pre-existing logistic networks are poor or too expensive. Setting up a system of almost 200 employees within most EU countries and a strong road, sea and air network, the next challenge was leveraging the web..


ICON was tasked with the development of a web platform and customer fulfillment application. The online platform is centered around  a user-friendly shipping calculator app which allows customers to obtain a quote instantly at any point in time without having to go through a lengthy registration process. An inbuilt product list is also made available to provide customers with shipping costs even when the dimensions & weight of the goods are unknown.

A simple and clear order booking process was developed to provide help and foolproof features to minimise customer-input errors. A track and trace feature enhanced this process by giving customers the ability to trace the movement of their goods from Ship Low Cost’s hubs in Europe in real-time.

Once the cargo arrives at pre-established point an email notification is sent to the client with data on the status of the goods and an indication of the estimated final delivery time.

The site also enables customer care representatives to monitor the logistics situation via a CRM tool so as to respond to client’s requests by email, phone or by using other social media messaging tools in a very short span of time.

The service presently operates from 5 international hubs with an average transit time of 5 days.

“ICON’s team of web specialists have done a great job throughout the development process for building the portal and the shipping tool. In fact, the site is a pleasure to use and offers a unique and hassle-free experience. Indeed, in creating the platform, practicality and efficiency were of foremost importance. Consumers don’t want to waste time, so the website gives them a simple, 3-step process which achieves what they want quickly and with satisfying results,”

Johann Vella, Managing Director at Shiplowcost.