10 Content marketing tactics to increase reader consumption

March 7, 2013 9:57 am

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Writing compelling material is one of the most important factors in driving visitors to your site.
Writing compelling and attractive content for your visitors is one of the most important factors to drive visitors to your website. Quality articles tutorials and tips amongst others should obligate readers to come back again and help your site rank top in most search engines. Here are 10 content marketing tactics to increase reader consumption:
  1. Tailor content around customer’s queries. Write more in depth on topics where readers have expressed the need for more help.
  2. Guide your readers. Format your content so that it’s easy-to-read and won’t scare your readers away.
  3. Use images to explain ideas. Break huge chunks of information with images so as to enhance comprehension.
  4. Use audio and videos. Understand that a huge portion of your audience prefers information visually or aurally rather than reading chunks of text.
  5. Use non-linear techniques. Incorporate links and pop-ups so readers can determine what depth of content they want.
  6. Expand your articles. Use content marketing metrics to determine which articles attract the type of audience.
  7. Use call-to-actions. Guide your readers to additional content that might be more elaborate or detailed.
  8. Survey your readers. Don’t just assume what type and level of content your audience finds suitable. Ask them through the use of a question at the end of the articles.
  9. Rate your content. Let your readers rate your content and let them know when material is available more in-depth.
  10. Give your articles personality. Since your content is the representation of your business create your own personal appeal for readers. Readers remember writers who have their own charisma.
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