10 Essential tools for your eCommerce site

May 3, 2012 10:25 am

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Increasing customer satisfaction through online shopping
With online stores catering for an array of needs eCommerce websites engage with web customers on a daily basis. Online shopping is no longer a niche market aimed at a small audience anymore but has widened its options to cater for children parents and teenagers amongst many others.
Unless you get the very basics to work to an optimum level then your online store could suffer greatly.
Here are 10 useful options your eCommerce site should definitely have:-
  • Sell. Make sure that your online store is designed to facilitate the shopping process for your buyers.
  • Take advantage. Categorise your products under special headings such as “New Arrivals” and “Special deals” to help sell your products.
  • Show your logo. Make sure your logo is visible when it comes to online shopping as it’s a symbol for reassurance for most of your clients.
  • Freebies and free postage. Shopping deals and free postage are a crowd favourite and some people will buy anything at reduced prices.
  • Latest news. Updating your clients with news and the most popular products makes it easier for buyers to find deals at good prices.
  • Shopping Cart. A shopping cart a login box and a search box are all key features of an eCommerce site. Make sure they are placed closely together.
  • Payment systems. Every eCommerce website has its own preferred payment system. Make sure you clarify payment options in advance to avoid customer disappointment.
  • Social Media Links. Social media accounts are a good channel for self-promotion. Online communities can help identify active customers as well as finding new ones.
  • Phone numbers/Online Chat. Live chats and 24 /7 hotlines are highly appreciated forms of customer service since most buyers like to interact with actual sellers rather than a computer.
  • Trustmarks. These logos are a security guarantee that it is safe to shop on the site. It gives customers that extra sense of security and confidence in sharing their private information.
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