5 crucial web design tips for startups

July 2, 2012 3:33 pm

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Time and research should be put into before designing a website.
Every web project carries with it a number of challenges. When a new website is being set up the goals have to be understood via a variety of orders such as marketing design development and research amongst many others.
Your website is the storefront and what most of your customers will be facing. Careful consideration and time should therefore be spent to make sure that your website is as user friendly and as effective as possible.
Here are five tips that you should keep in mind when starting a new project for a start-up.
  • Define a clear goal. Be clear as to what you want your website users to do on your page. Do you want them to download a report sign up for your newsletter contact you buy your product or book online? Include call-to-actions and make sure your navigation aids the users’ journey on the site to reach your goals.
  • Mobile-friendly web design. Since many people are browsing more on their mobile phones a website display on any device should be priority. It does not need to be code-specific to every device but if done and designed properly your user will not need to zoom in to find content. This aspect of web design is becoming very important as the number of mobile and tablet users is exceeding.
  • Hire a Design Co-Founder. Many startups all began with a design co-founder. The design element of the website should never be undermined. Brand identity as well as a high expertise in the industry is the very basis of a successful website. After all first impressions count.
  • Join forces. There are plenty of designers out there who are as passionate about creative and innovative ideas as you are. The more you work with professional designers the more it will help you realise how important the design aspect of your website is to your brand and your viewers.
  • Be different. With new companies emerging all the time it is difficult to stand out. Using a creative design will not only give your company a strong brand identity but it will give it its own personality whilst adding value to the brand. Design is a necessity that each and every company must keep up with to stay afloat.