5 Facebook marketing tips to grow your page

October 19, 2012 2:10 pm

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Facebook should be about cultivating an audience that is engaging and loyal.
Building a Facebook audience from scratch can prove to be a difficult feat. Most big brands are able to gain Likes quickly through traditional advertising or historical brand recognition.
However it is also crucial to understand that leveraging a Facebook page is not solely about gaining a lot of Likes but rather it is about cultivating an audience that is engaged and loyal.
These are our top 5 tips on how to grow an audience and increase engagement:
  • Design. The visual aspect is the first thing people will notice and is the crucial part of getting fans and keeping fans interested. All of this should be communicated through a profile pic and cover photo.
  • Content. Keep content relevant that would keep your audience interested. Make a list of topics you would want to discuss and start creating an engaging place for people to visit and learn more about you.
  • Engage. A fan page unlike a website or blog can be taken over by your fans and engagement can take place at any given moment. Be prepared to answer promptly to comments and messages through your page.
  • Promote. When you are starting to build an audience you need to have a strategy to get people to your page. One of the most prolific ways of driving an audience to your page is through Facebook Ads promoted posts and sponsored stories since this will encourage your audience to spread the word.
  • Measurement. Facbeook has provided marketers with essential tools that help us better understand page engagement and growth. Insights provide you with the opportunity to see how many likes you are getting over time and how much time people are spending on your page amongst others.
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