5 tips for budding web app developers

October 11, 2012 9:08 am

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Web app developers have to network to learn more skills and gain experience.
As a budding web app developer you have to master Object-oriented Programming (OOP) and scripting languages, learn to build web apps the hard way and network your way into job opportunities. If one is interested in this area, one ought to decide whether to work as a solo, a consultant, a freelancer, a startup employee/founder or a developer for an established company. Read on to discover our five tips for up-and-coming web app developers!
Here are a few tips on how to make the web app developer’s path to success easier:
  • Open Source. Put in some time on open-source projects since such projects will not only challenge you but they will also help you build your body of work. Apart from coding, you will also have the opportunity to work with better experienced people. Thus, one should take full advantage of the situation.
  • Expand your web-browsing repertoire. Such a step would be relevant if you are looking for other developers who can teach and help you add a new set of websites to your browsing and bookmarking repertoire.
  • Network. Along with web-browsing activity, try and befriend like-minded highly skilled professional web developers since they can guide and help you in your career. Join Facebook groups and developer-oriented Twitter lists to connect with others.
  • Show off your code. Once you have been practising and networking, be ready to show off your skills. Showing others your code will help with self-promotion as well as in gaining invaluable feedback, be it positive or negative feedback.
  • Focus. Spend time creating an excellent portfolio with an array of work on a variety of projects. Once you have a website that promotes your skills, make sure you link to it frequently in your email signature to get maximum exposure.
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