9 Things You Shouldn’t Do on LinkedIn

August 23, 2012 10:44 am

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Better known as the social network for professionals, LinkedIn’s mission is to connect professionals online. This means that travel photos and any non-work related images would be inappropriate on Linkedin. One great rule is that if you won’t put down certain facts on your Curriculum Vitae then it is not worth putting on LinkedIn either.


Here are 9 things you should avoid doing on LinkedIn:

  • Oversharing. It’s okay to connect to social media sites but LinkedIn requires that that you act in a professional manner. If you maintain a professional attitude with relevant updates then go for it.
  • Harassment. If you are going to approach a recruiter make sure it’s done in a respectful manner. Asking for an email or phone number wouldn’t be considered ideal. However if you have a specific question in mind message them. Remember that some recruiters are not quite as responsive as others.
  • Inappropriate photos. Your profile picture is your one ticket at leaving a visual impression. Don’t include other people in your image and remember to remain professional.
  • Connecting with everyone. The primary point is to link with others in your field of work but make sure that you do know them personally or have done business with.
  • Overused words. Refrain from using the same words to describe your past positions and abilities as would everyone else. Competition for opportunities is fierce so you have to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.
  • Too many recommendations. If most of your recommendations are coming from people whom you’ve also recommended you might come across as insincere by recruiters. They might believe that you are exchanging praise.
  • Not updating. Keep your profile updated including your current position. Adding projects is one way to stay relevant.
  • Ignoring groups. Groups were created so that users could participate in appropriate forums. Be aware that some recruiters might use forums to partake in group discussions.
  • Using an email address. Use your real name in the name field not an email address. Not only would an email make you inaccessible but it will throw off LinkedIn’s search option.

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