A New Site for Merlin Computers

June 15, 2013 10:38 am

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Merlin Computers’ new website incorporates the company’s vision.

Merlin Computers, one of the leading IT solution providers in Malta, has launched its new website that reflects the company’s professional approach towards Information Technology and business solutions. Developed by ICON, the new site offers a refreshing and clean site embracing a corporate design that goes in line with the innovative approach that the company takes when dealing with business to business clients.

The new Merlin Computers website clearly displays the products services and solutions offered by Merlin as well as news from various suppliers and industry leaders. Created with the user experience firmly in mind the website has been created using ICON enhanced Content Management System ICON.Snap™ which facilitates web administration. In addition,  ICON.Snap™ also focuses on the benefits of search engine optimisation. ICON has also equipped the new site with the social media giants; LinkedIn and YouTube widgets.

Merlin Computers New website

Merlin has launched its new website

Keep in mind that social media marketing is not only limited to business to customers companies only but also to businesses whose clients are fellow companies i.e. business to business. Through the integration of LinkedIn Merlin Computers can easily reach out to professional contacts through the new site as well as connect with the site visitors via the social channel.
“The new site encompasses our business vision and aspirations fully. It lives up to our expectations clearly displaying all latest products and services that we offer here at Merlin Computers ” said Sandro Musu Director at Merlin Computers. “ICON has provided us with guidance and expertise of their services. Their attention to detail to make key decisions has turned this project into a promising and successful product.”
Merlin Computers’ website can be accessed at www.merlinmalta.com
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