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February 2, 2012 9:55 am

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The new site provided us with the ideal solution for all web-based communication” – Mr. Gordon Polidano Operations Manager at Polidano Group.

The Polidano Group Malta’s leading provider of infrastructure real estate and hospitality services has received a major upgrade to its main corporate online portal as part of a comprehensive strategic change management programme that the Group has embarked on.

The open layout that greets the user was specifically chosen by ICON’s team to make it easier for the viewer to understand the range of operations that the Group conducts as well as to get in touch with the company easily.


Such a successful enterprise by its nature generates several layers of web content on a daily basis naturally making it a cumbersome process to update all public-facing webpages without losing the value of immediate action that the web provides. ICON’s own Content Management System would now underlie the entire website complemented by an outward facing newsletter module providing easy contact management subscriber options and multiple designed templates.

A robust and flexible CMS was essential to Polidano Group’s operations. Such web-based software means that any level of the website can be accessed at any moment and updated with fresh content. Posts can be scheduled to reflect the viewership needs as well manage a database of rich media such as photos and video and other content such as job listings for the group. A newsletter module is also integrated in the CMS so the Group can also easily update its subscribers with information on upcoming projects events and special offers.


This site has definitely eased communication and information publishing for the Group. The Plant and Equipment section on the new site further highlights the diverse asset bases offered by the Group providing an online facility to browse through the company’s various equipment thus reducing time-consuming processes and manual tasks.

Combining all modules together and personalised for our Group the new site provided us with the ideal solution for all web-based communication bringing our several web services together through a single platform” affirmed Mr. Gordon Polidano Operations Manager at Polidano Group.

Visit the new website at www.polidano-group.com

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