A sleek new site for GVTH Advocates

November 24, 2011 2:06 pm

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ICON has truly translated our vision into a neat screen presentation” – Dr. Joseph J. Vella.

GVTH Advocates has collaborated with ICON in order to launch a new website. The growing recognition of GVTH Advocates has sparked a need for a quality online information base for those seeking to be represented by the firm.

The portal which may be found at www.gvthlaw.com allows lay and well-read users alike to browse through the law firm’s growing range of expertise in a plethora of areas. These include Corporate and Company Law Aviation Law Hospitality and Leisure and Taxation amongst others all of which are individually delineated. Clients may browse mini biographies of the lawyers who make up the firm adding a personal touch to the professional aesthetic of the website.


Indeed as aptly described in the About Us section GVTH Advocates is “not so much a business but more a profession that holds dear the virtues of a customer-driven approach.” In line with this ‘people first’ attitude the GVTH website includes a Careers section that encourages the continuous introduction of fresh talent into the legal team and thus ascertains the perennial growth of the firm.

Working with ICON has proved to be very beneficial ” says Dr. Joseph J. Vella. “The web company has truly translated our vision into a neat screen presentation.” To this effect the design of the website is clean and strikes the user with its visual polish. It is easy to navigate and find information due to organised information architecture.


Furthermore ICON’s design encourages the user to return for updates; the site includes an attention-grabbing subscribe button at the top of the homepage as well as a Latest Updates element lower down on the page.Through this new online venture GVTH Advocates revitalised it’s image to became more accessible to its clientele. “We are confident that our revamped online presence affirms our token qualities of professionalism coupled with approachability ” concludes Dr. Vella.

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