Air Malta World Cup Case Study

October 10, 2014 10:35 am

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During the World Cup, ICON, with Air Malta, created an interactive, social competition which was very successful. Find out more in the case study below.

Combining online channels can be an excellent stratergy to maximise reach, engagement and conversions. Users now use a plethora of devices to get online, and by offering seamless integration between these devices, multi-channel users feel more comfortable, are more likely to engage or participate.

Mashable reported that 72% of consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach, yet some businesses are still hesitant to dive into cross-channel marketing. The key is to avoid the silo mentality – your channel campaigns should be integrated together.

What advantages does a Multi-Channel Campaign have?

More Attention: Having your foot in so many doors means you’ll get more customers and brand recognition.

Customers Can Use Their Favorite Medium: Giving people choices regarding how they will interact with your business means they can use the medium they are most comfortable with, increasing your chances of seeing completed conversions.

More Touch Points: Having more touch points in your marketing funnel allows you to collect more data. This data can help you develop a better understanding of where your promotions work best and measure your success.

Your Brand Stays Consistent: Using multi-channel marketing means your brand can stay consistent across mediums, since you are managing your business’s reputation across all areas.

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