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June 19, 2020 10:40 am

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Now more than ever, finding time to socialise and strengthen team bonds is a must, to keep up the all-important company culture and employee wellbeing

We quickly learnt that there are a few key things into successfully working from home and surviving isolation:

  • Employee well-being and mental health
  • Ability to perform our jobs well and work efficiently

Much has been written about the first two – and rightly so – but here are a few ideas to give you a helping hand with the last one.

Team-building Activities during lockdown

ICONites usually enjoy regular social activities so we have found the transition to remote working particularly difficult. Last week ICON celebrated its 20th birthday. But with everyone still working remotely, we were not able to celebrate the usual way. What is more, we had to cancel many more of our social events.

That is why our social gurus decided to organise a series of Remote Social Events. Despite some difficulties along the way, it’s been inspiring to see the drive, creativity and care that our team have employed to keep our team-building activities during lockdown.

Introducing: The Online Scavenger Hunt

The premise is quite simple and much like real scavenger hunts. We were split into 4 teams trying to solve riddles about Malta and locate clues on Google maps. Scoring was simple – points for the fastest team.

We used MyQuiz which worked really well. It was a great and interactive way to keep the riddles coming as well as keep track of scores. All in all, it only took around 1 hour, so it doesn’t take up too much time and allows plenty of opportunity to get back to work.

Introducing: The Virtual Lunch

Eating together is good for the soul. As group gatherings were still not allowed, ICON has organised a lunch delivery for the team so we could celebrate its 20th anniversary together. This was a great initiative as we really miss lunching together.

In the current climate, reaching out to colleagues has never been more important. Connecting to your team members, whether that means sharing a virtual cup of tea with your old desk mate or tother team-building activities during lockdown, is crucial for your mental health and the health of your business.

If you’d like to be part of our fun team, keep an eye on our careers page.

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