An extremely well received event about Social Media

October 27, 2011 10:17 am

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Click here to view key slides from ICON’s presentation about ‘The Business of Social Media’.
PwC and ICON joined forces to organise an innovative social media event intended for business leaders. The attendees which hailed from various industries were at different levels of maturity in the path of social media usage.
The event held at PwC’s Academy premises in Qormi was extremely well attended and well received.The content from the event was engaging and key topics discussed were revenue generation via social media communication and customer feedback engagement through location social recruitment as well as internal communication and knowledge management.
‘The Business of Social Media’ at PwC Academy

Speaking after the seminar Partner at PwC Mr. George Sammut said “It was heartening to note the substantial participation in this seminar from various managers and other decision makers who immediately warmed to the subject of social media. From the feedback it appears that what we presented had a substantial effect on the perception of social media of those who attended and in their company’s maturity process in the area”.

Dr. Gege Gatt Director at ICON was also upbeat about the seminar’s success. “The fact that participation and interaction was at such a high level is not only encouraging but also fullfills our expectations for positive growth in this regard”.

Gege Gatt presenting at ‘The Business of Social Media’

We enjoyed exploring the various facets of social media through this seminar and are confident that what we delivered will be an eye opener for many decision makers in the field who will assess their current use of social media and set their path for growth and advancement” added Mr. Gordon Micallef Senior Manager in the advisory practice at PwC.

Ms. Daniela Grech an online marketer at ICON remarked that this seminar opened up wide avenues for discussion which have actually contributed to the overall success of the event. “Such events help local companies’ inspiration and growth. After all social media is no longer a small detail that companies have to attend to but it is a way of being and evolving”.

Daniela Grech presenting at ‘The Business of Social Media’