ICON & Laferla Insurance Agency Revolutionize Purchasing and Renewing Insurance Locally.

December 3, 2014 2:16 pm

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The MCA eBusiness awards are singled out as a unique annual event of its kind in Malta as the only award that acknowledges the use of technology in the entrepreneurial efforts of individuals and organizations.

ICON is delighted to announce that Laferla Insurance Agency Ltd. has won this year’s award for Best Innovative Solution for its website designed by ICON. Being the first of its kind to be seen in the Maltese Insurance industry the website is built on ICON’s award winning custom-made content management platform SNAP.

Bespoke software solutions developed specifically for Laferla such as the interactive homepage instant quotation application with real-time updates and live chat assistance not only make the website feature-rich but also aim to increase the velocity and conversions on the site. Customers can also log in to view transaction histories including offline purchases and renew outstanding policies online thanks to real-time integration with Laferla’s back-office.

Best Innovative Solution

Best Innovative Solution

“Buying insurance in Malta has never been so simple the process of getting the quote to completing payment is done in a few easy steps. Forget about complicated and boring documents. Laferla’s interactive forms offer an innovative way of getting your insurance.”

Edward D’Amato,
Senior Developer,

The eBusiness awards shed light on the talented ICT professionals who blend together unique business initiatives with present day web-based solutions aiming to encourage the eBusiness industry to create innovative and unique ways of marketing products whilst promoting the potential of web-based technology to aid economic growth and social development.

Laferla never fail to upkeep its high service standard through its sustained investment in highly trained professionals as well as in modern technology. The website launched by ICON remains true to those values through its user-friendly and instant information retrieval.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. Laferla Insurance have worked day in day out with ICON to create our new website. With more than small efforts put in to create this innovative website we definitely have achieved success for Laferla Insurance agencies online future. We are very pleased with the way that ICON approached this project and how easily our teams managed to work together to create the results that we have achieved.”

Keith Laferla,
ACII Assistant General Manager
Laferla Insurance Agency Ltd

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