The Big Data Challenge Takes Off

July 27, 2016 11:46 am

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ICON has teamed up with the University of Malta and its Faculty of Mathematics to pilot a Big Data Challenge.

Over the summer months, students in the faculty will be working closely with ICON’s data analysts and technology mentors to analyse massive amounts of multi-structured data, over 15 million records to be precise, and transform complex information into valuable business insights.

Participants will be expected to convert this data into meaningful information whilst identifying key trends including seasonality, demographic changes, impact of international news headlines on sales, sales pace and much more. This exciting opportunity will give the students hands-on experience on a real life project, in relation to one of the most exciting topics in the ICT Sector at the moment: Big Data. In fact, this project has been organised in line with ICON’s philosophy that students should be given real life opportunities to better transition into the working world.

Moreover, this initiative will put students, who will be working in groups,  in the driving seat and provide an excellent space for innovation and close cooperation with enterprise. The outcomes of this project will have to reflected upon by students and eventually presented to ICON and the Faculty of Mathematics.

Read more about the Big Data Challenge here.

Gareth meets the Students at the University of Malta

ICON’s Chief Technology Officer, Gareth Gauci, recently met with the students to kick this project off. Watch Gareth speaking about the importance of utilising and managing Big Data in the industry today and how exciting it is to have young, brilliant minds on board. We will also see some of the students sharing their thoughts about why they were so excited to participate in this challenging project.

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